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The Best Hallmark Christmas (Amazon) Picks

I had such a great time sharing The Best Fall Hygge (Amazon) Picks that I wanted to share my favorites for The Best Hallmark Christmas (Amazon) Picks. If you click on the links below and happen to purchase, I will get a small commission.  Just wanted to you know up front!

I am a huge fan of Hallmark Christmas. In fact, one of my favorite blogs is all about Hallmark and the settings for their movies. It's called I've SCENE it on Hallmark.  Get it?  Too clever.  I look forward to when the line up comes out, marking my must see movies for the season and getting al hygge and in the mood for Christmas!

I found these adorable things on Amazon, and these are my personal favorites.  Let me describe each one for you.  I'll start from the top left and move to the right.

1. The infamous candle from Yankee Candles, Christmas Cookie. I think this one is a classic.

2. The adorable Hallmark Movie Watching Pillow.  I love to hold a pillow in my lap when I watch movies. It's a cozy thing.  I think I love it the most because it's personalized!

3. How about this darling shirt???  Oh my goodness!  With a cute pair of jeans and the socks below, you are ready to watch for hours.

4. What??? A Hallmark Movie cookbook?  Yes, this adorable cookbook is coming out on November 19!  I've pre-ordered it here. There are over 100 recipes just waiting for you to try.

5. You gotta have a mug.  For your coffee, hot chocolate, hot toddy or whatever you want to put in it. I'm a hot chocolate fan.

6. I love Christmas socks, too. They have to be oversized and soft. I love that the best part of these socks is on the bottom of the feet!  Super cute.

7. Last but definitely not least, I added in this wine glass. Sometimes a girl just needs a glass of wine when watching a movie that is going to make her cry. 

Have I left out any "must-haves?"  I am planning a post about the best snacks to have during a Hallmark movie watch party, so check back in during the next two weeks!  Until then, happy shopping!

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