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5 Gift Ideas That Will Nurture the Soul

Most traditional holidays have their routes in religion, but despite their foundations lying firmly with values of family, humility, and modesty, they have at large succumbed to commercialization brought about by big businesses. Christmas is one such religious holiday and is perhaps the most commercialized one in the world. So much of the focus of Christmas now lies with the receiving of presents and yet the true spirit of Christmas was entirely centered around gifting. So if you want to get back to a more traditional Christmas feel and gift your loved ones something that will nurture their soul, then here are 5 things to consider.


Another gift idea would be jewelry. The great thing about jewelry is that it’s special and thoughtful. When buying gifts like this, make sure that it reflects the person’s likes and dislikes. If they are quite extroverted with their fashion accessories, sapphires, and emeralds could be the way to go. If they are professional then diamonds could be a good option. Search for jewelry stores near me to find out what’s available.

Creative art supplies 

Art and creativity have long been recognized for their valuable contribution to a person’s mental wellbeing. For many people, their creativity is stifled through their teenage years and into adulthood as we are asked to focus on careers and building home lives which often no longer includes creative play. Simply providing these people with a means by which to re-explore their creative side can help them to unwind their busy minds and re-connect with the simple pleasures of creativity. Watercolors, pencils mindful coloring books, and clay are all gifts for teen artists.


As Christmas gifts have gotten more elaborate we have forgotten the magic of opening a new, crisp book. Books make great gift options and even those who do not regularly read can appreciate the art of a well-bound hardback book. Explore genres you feel the recipient may like or stick to non-fiction around a subject that they may be interested in such as nature, gardening or history. Another safe bet is to explore the classics but purchase them a beautifully bound version to keep on their bookshelf or read to future generations.

Cookery classes 

Cooking and baking have the ability to bring so much joy to people’s lives and what’s more they then also get the joy of eating what they have produced. For even the most experienced chef in the family, a cookery lesson can help them to build new skills, perhaps with foreign cuisines or non-conventional techniques. Cookery classes also make great gifts for families and couples giving them the chance to bond and cook together.

Private exercise tuition 

We all tend to indulge a little over the Christmas period and one of the top resolutions made come new year is to get in shape. Give someone the gift of wellness by purchasing them a couple of sessions for either their favorite exercise class or by giving them a chance to try something altogether new. Whether it be a yoga session, horse riding lesson, rock climbing introduction, or pilates class, some private tuition will certainly be well received and help them on their way to achieving their goals in the new year.

Family experiences 

Finally, perhaps one of the most soul-nurturing gifts you can give is that of your time. In our busy lives, it can be difficult to take the time to get together so purchasing your loved ones a family experience gift that you can all enjoy together make sure that you get together again and will enable you to make memories to last a lifetime.

Custom Gifts

Custom gifts are a great way to show you’ve put thought, time, and effort into your gift, rather than grabbing something last minute. There are countless options out there, from customized socks to personal custom bobbleheads. You’re bound to find something that will bring a smile to your loved one’s face!

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  1. I love giving art supplies to my kids to get them off the electronics. Perfect for cold winter months.

  2. These are all really wonderful gift suggestions. I am one who always swoons when I open the gift of a book.

  3. ooooh - I have been loving cooking classes lately! Not that I've taken one, but I've seen more and more pop up and I am totally tempted to try one out and improve my cooking skills!

  4. These are such great gift ideas for the holidays. I would love some exercise or cooking classes. a good book is always welcome.

  5. I love books and family experience. Thanks for reminding us of essential but beautiful things we can give!

  6. Oh, there's something for everyone here! I'll take the books, while my husband would enjoy private exercise classes. My daughter would enjoy the cookery classes.

  7. These are great gift ideas for someone looking to snag the right item. You hit the nail on the head with these.

  8. I love these gift ideas. This year was a slim year for me as I’m a single mom now. I did download a new book to read, even though it was free, and grabbed a new coloring book.

  9. I love these ideas! I love cooking so I'll be happy to attend a cooking class ;)

  10. Cooking classes is high on my list!! This is my favorite experience on your list. I'm looking forward to a couple of cooking classes in 2020.

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