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Dreaming Of A Stress-Free Christmas? These Tips Might Help

Christmas: It's the most wonderful time of the year. Well, so the song goes anyway.

And while you are sure to have a fun time with your family and friends, you might still suffer more than a few stresses along the way. So, with this in mind, here are some tips to help you make it through the Christmas season with sanity intact.

#1: Get your home in order early

Last-minute Christmas shopping is one thing, but last-minute house prep is another, especially when you have family and friends coming to stay. To ensure you don't burn yourself out faster than a Christmas tree fairy light, get on top of the things you need to do at home in good time. Check out our holiday preparation tips for starters, and then take on those tasks that need to be completed before the festive season.

#2: Ask for help

Why should you suffer the many jobs you have to do alone? If you have a family around, get them to lend you a hand. Your kids can clear out their toy cupboards in preparation for any gifts Santa will be leaving them. Your partner can help you with the Christmas shopping and peel the Brussel sprouts for the festive dinner. And if you are inviting guests over this year, ask them to contribute to the food, drinks, and evening entertainment, as some of your burdens will then be lifted.

#3: Shop online

Sure, you could head with the masses to your local shopping mall, but think about the stress that then ensues. You will have to brave the cold weather, you will be fighting with others over those last-in-stock items, and you might end up in more queues than a day out in Disneyland. Therefore, avoid the Christmas shopping madness, and shop online from the comfort of your own home instead.

Bonus suggestion: If you feel stressed about using your credit or debit card online, shop safer with PayPal instead. And while some retailers don't accept this method of payment, Amazon being one, you can still buy an Amazon gift card with PayPal (and use other gift card retailers) and then redeem them for the purchases you need from those limiting online sites.

#4: Manage your stress with a healthy lifestyle

Christmas is the time when many people give up on their healthy lifestyles, but this can be problematic where stress is concerned. A lack of exercise and poor food choices can cause you to feel tired and sluggish, and this can exacerbate those feelings of stress you feel. So, do the sensible thing and get outside once a day for a brisk walk, or exercise at home if the weather is too cold. And resist the urge to eat too many unhealthy snacks and choose the healthier options instead. By doing so, you will give yourself more energy, and with a better mental state, you will be able to tackle and conquer your stressors.

So, I hope Christmas is the most wonderful (and not the most stressful) time of year for you. Let me know your thoughts, and please share with me any other tips you might have for my readers.

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