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Settling Into Your New Home

When it comes to moving, you will find a great deal written about how to sell your home, and how to navigate the move itself. However, it is just as important to settle into your new home area once the move is over. Fortunately, below, you will find some tactics on how to do this as fast as possible. My daughter Ashley and her husband are moving into her new home this weekend. I hope these tips help her as much as they have helped me.


The first task that awaits you when moving house is cleaning and unpacking. The reason being that there is nothing more likely to make you feel on edge more than trying to settle into a home where the feel of the previous residents lingers.

Then, once your new place is clean, you can begin to unpack. Of course, this can feel like a mammoth task. Especially if you haven't put in extra effort to stay organized during the move, and when you were packing at your old property. That is why you must adhere carefully to a packing plan and label all the boxes as clearly as possible. Then when it comes to unpacking, you will know exactly where everything is, and can get it unpacked, positioned and set up so much more quickly.

Now, at this point in your move, it is worth noting that the average family takes around 15 days to get fully unpacked and ensure things are just right. However, over two weeks can sound like a very long time to wait to have your home the way you want it. 

To that end, fast-tracking your unpacking, and the other jobs you need to do after moving is a smart idea. In fact, putting your sole focus on these for the first 2-3 days can really pay dividends in the long run.

Combining the old and the new 

Next, if you are looking to speed up the time that it takes to settle into a new property, it can really help to decorate with a mix of old and new items. Of course, the desire to buy new when you move can be powerful indeed. Although, if you have viable pieces of furniture from your previous home, it makes much more sense to get a removal team to transport them to your new place instead.

In fact, by doing so, you can quite easily create a more familiar and homely atmosphere in your new home, as well it being much better for the environment. The idea then is to slowly replace items as they wear out or are no longer usable.

Decorate in your favorite colors 

Trends in interior design move as light speed these days. However, if you are looking for ways to feel quickly at home in your new house, opting for the latest Pantone shade may not be the best option. In fact, there is no faster way to feel as if your property isn't home than to decorate it based on fashions rather than what you actually like.

Instead, you can be much better off choosing colors that resonate with you personally. The reason being that these are much more likely to help your surrounds feel more familiar and be enjoyable as well.

You could even go for the same or similar colors to what you had in your old property if you like. Then you can be sure that all of your decor and furniture will match and create a pleasing and cohesive look. In fact, doing so can also help you feel much more comfortable in your new home as well. The reason being that your mind is already used to recognizing that color scheme as 'home'.

Making new friends 

I firmly believe that a house doesn't feel like it is a home until you have hosted a party and had people over. Happily, doing so is another wonderful way of settling in quick when you have moved home. After all, if you host an open house or even a BBQ for your new neighbors, you get to meet everyone that you live close to early on.

In fact, getting to know those in your neighbor fast can make all of the difference when it comes to feeling at home because it can help you to feel much less isolated and alone. Even if the only contact you have with them is saying 'hi' every morning when getting into your car.
Knowing what to expect 

Additionally, if you are moving to an area or climate that is very different from what you are used to knowing what to expect can help you settle in much faster. For example, if you are moving to an urban area from one that is more rural familiarising yourself with how the city's transportation system works is a smart idea. This is because it can help it feel like much less of a culture shock when you do start to explore your new location.

While those moving to a colder area need to get up to speed on thriving in the winter. Something that will include investing in the right clothing, making sure your car is prepared for snow and ice and even taking up a winter sport. The latter being an activity that will not only keep you busy during the winter but can also help you to connect with other residents and make new friends too.
Give it some time 

Finally, do remember that moving home is one of the most significant life events that you can go through. Therefore expecting your new home, town, and friends to feel just like the old ones did right away is a bit of an expectation.

However, the good news is the more effort you put in, the faster you can expect things to become more normalized. Something that will have you feeling at home, in the shortest time possible.

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