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How to Fix a Blocked Toilet

No one wants to face the problem that pretty much we’ve all been through before, a blocked toilet. There’s nothing pleasant about having to stick your hand down the toilet to unblock it, and even then, it won’t work. If you’re facing a blocked toilet, here are some steps to take.

Washing Up Liquid And Hot Water

A typical method of trying to get the blockage flowing through the pipe is by using a mixture of hot water and something that’s going to create some lubrication in the pipes. This is usually bleach or washing up liquid. The washing up liquid can work a lot better because the soap is a slippery substance that can provide a sliding effect for the blockage to continue its flow through the pipe. When you’ve poured in a small amount of the liquid, boil a kettle and pour the content down into the toilet bowl. Flush this immediately and then repeat, but for the second time, leave it in the toilet bowl for five minutes just to let any water that’s built up, go down.

Use A Plunger

A plunger is a very familiar tool that’s used for toilets and one that a plumber will often come with. The function of the plunger is that you push it down into the bowl of the toilet and that pulling back motion will suck whatever’s in the toilet and beyond, up. This all depends on how far down the blockage might be. This could work if it’s close to the toilet bowl, but if it’s a blockage further down it might not work.

Try The Coat Hanger Method

The coat hanger method is where you’ll straighten out a wire coat hanger and create a hook on the end. You’ll then push this down into the bowl and navigate up the piping with the hanger. This can usually help to pull the blockage back or push it further down the pipe. Again, it all depends on how big the blockage is because this might not do anything to break it up if it’s fully blocking the whole pipe and not moving.

Call A Plumber

If all else fails, then it’s time to call a plumber. Andy’s Sprinkler is a drainage expert who can help in this instance. You might want to use the toilet one last time before the plumber comes out because, with bigger blockages, it might not be something that the plumber can fix straight away. The plumber might ask you to also refrain from using any water until they’ve managed to clear out the blockage. If you’ve blocked the toilet in the night and can manage without using the toilet until the morning, then it’s worth calling the plumber then. Otherwise, you might be charged some considerable hefty emergency hour fees.

The blocking of your toilet is a tradition for all households to go through at least a few times, so don’t fear because there’s plenty you can do to try and fix the problem yourself before calling for help.

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