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Great deal on Nakedwines.com

Do I have a deal for you!

I am a brand ambassador for Nakedwines.com, and recently they sent me a few bottles of wine to try.  My family and I love a bottle of good wine, and we love it when we get a good bargain to boot. First, I'll tell you all about the wine, then share the awesome deal!

Nakedwines.com is a community of people who love wine. They love those that make it and those that drink!  At Nakedwines.com, you help support independent winemakers, getting to know the winemakers, the decisions they make and connect with other wine drinkers.  Over 100,000 wine drinkers and winemakers are given the opportunity to back top-quality wine.

Let me tell you how it works. Angels (what customers are called at NakedWines.com) invest $40 a month into their Wine Savings Account.  Those funds are then invested in talented winemakers around the world. In return, the winemakers create wines for insider pricing (usually 40-60% off!) There is a 100% money-back guarantee for wines you buy and don't like! You can also take back your money at any time. Plus, there are no autoships.  In other words, there is NO RISK.

We tried six different wines, and to be honest, we truly loved them all.  We didn't even pick out what we wanted, it was a random draw for us. Each wine truly stands on its own merits.  Let me tell you about our favorites.

Our first favorite is Derek Rohlffs Zinfandel. We consider this one a bottle of great wine. Not over the top fruity, yet expressing the typical flavors of a great Zin.  Mild tannins make it an easy drinker. In fact, we chose to drink this one without the benefit of food, because we liked it so much. This bottle is best let aerate for a few hours. When you do, you will get dark fruit and panache, all in one bottle.

So here's your deal.  Using this link https://us.nakedwines.com/TERRI100 you will get $100 off 12 bottles of wine, making the deal $79.99, shipping included. Yes, this is a great deal!

I cannot wait to hear how you liked the wines. This great deal is coming just in time for Thanksgiving, so stock up!

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  1. This is a fabulous deal. Perfect for wine lovers and could make some great holiday gifts.

  2. I love trying new wines. This sounds like a program that I need to look more into and consider joining!

  3. Chef Dennis11:18 PM

    Oh This will be perfect for me! I really love wines and exploring more of them. This is really a great deal, indeed!

  4. That is a great deal. Thanks for the heads up. My husband is so into wine so I'll def tell him about this.


  5. Ice Cream n Sticky Fingers4:16 PM

    I was looking for a good gift to give to my best friend. She loves wine and I will have to order her a bottle for Christmas. Thank you for sharing this deal.

  6. Chris Hoov9:33 PM

    Didn't know about this, but thanks for sharing. This wine looks great..! And the packaging is nice too.

  7. I am a wine lover looks like great program to join. I will check it out. Good wines and food are my weakness.

  8. They say wine is good for the health so I would love to try this. Great deal!

  9. That sounds like a pretty cool deal. I usually buy a groupon for wine but this year they swindled me. Time for something new.

  10. Wow! I will be sharing this deal with a few friends of mine. I'm not much of a wine drinker, but this is defiantly a way to go for Christmas gifts!

  11. That looks like a great wine and such a good deal too, need to tell all my friends

  12. This sounds like a good deal and a great way to try different wines. I know when I try to find new ones on my own I always seem to pick the wrong ones.


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