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5 Ways to Make Your Home More Private

Privacy is very important and your home should always be a place where you can find it. It should be your sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the stress of work. Unfortunately, if you live on a busy road and you have a lot of houses overlooking yours, it may not feel that private in your home at all. If you feel a bit exposed at home and you want to increase privacy, these are some of the best ways to do it.


Install A Fence 

Whether you're a homeowner annoyed by how noisy your backyard has gotten or a builder confronted with the difficult chore of constructing a noise-reducing fence. Why buy sound barrier fencing? You need it to enjoy some peace and quiet at your home or office building. Check these sound barrier fencing for sale so you can have a quiet home.

If you don’t already have a fence in the garden, that’s the first place to start. Without a fence, your home is exposed and it’s easy for people to see into the house and you may feel quite exposed. But a simple fence gives you that sense of privacy, and it’s also a great security feature. Burglars are always looking for houses that are easy targets, so if they have to climb over a fence to get near the house, they will probably move on and find a different house.

You’ve got a few different options when it comes to choosing a fence, and they all have their own benefits depending on your situation. It’s important to consider a lot of different front fence ideas and find the one that works for you. Chain link fences are the cheapest, and they give you some security protection, but they don’t give you a huge amount of privacy. A wooden fence is one of the more common choices because it gives you more privacy and it looks nicer than a simple chain link fence. The only issue with wood is that it needs quite a lot of maintenance. If you want an easier option, you could go for a vinyl fence, but a lot of people prefer the look of a wooden one.

If you already have a chain link fence or a partial wooden fence in place, but it doesn’t give you that much privacy, you should consider a privacy screen. These simple screens are made with a mesh and they're easy to fit to a fence yourself. It’s a lot cheaper than replacing the full fence, and you still get the same benefit.
Grow Some Bushes 

If you don’t want a fence, you could go for the more natural option of growing some bushes instead. If you plant some tall bushes, you will get a lot of good coverage and the property will be a lot more private. It also acts as a deterrent for thieves in the same way that a fence does because it makes it difficult for people to get near the property. You need to make sure that you choose evergreen bushes so they don’t lose their leaves in the fall. The only problem with growing bushes is the maintenance. If they are on your property, it’s down to you to trim them regularly and stop them from growing onto your neighbor’s side. Bushes on the property boundary are one of the most common causes of disputes amongst neighbors, so make sure that you’re prepared to handle the upkeep if you go for this option.
Replace Your Windows 

The main reason that people replace their windows with double glazed ones is to improve insulation. It makes it easier to heat the house and you’ll save a lot of money on heating bills. But replacing your windows with double glazed ones is also a great way to block out noise pollution. If you live on a busy road, it’s not just people being able to see through the windows that you have to worry about. Noise pollution can infringe on your privacy as well. That’s why you should consider upgrading your windows so you can block out the noise of cars and people from outside.

Replacing your windows can be expensive and if you don’t have the money to do that right now, there are a few simple tricks that you can use to help with noise pollution. You can buy some great insulating film which may help a little. You should also take a look at the curtains as well because thin ones let a lot of noise through. If you swap them for some thicker ones, you will block out a lot of noise pollution and it makes your house warmer as well.

Get A Water Fountain 

Water fountains make a great addition to the garden and they really help to create a nice atmosphere out there in the summer. They’re a good way to deal with noise pollution because you can mask the sound of cars driving by with the soothing sound of a nice water feature. They’re great for attracting wildlife as well, so you will get some nice birdsong as well. A big water fountain will mask sounds effectively, but it is going to cost you. If you want a more cost-effective solution, you can get smaller ones but they will only mask the sound in certain areas so you have to be strategic with your placement. 
Build A Pergola

Privacy in the garden is often a big problem because neighbor’s houses may look over your garden. If you don’t mind other people being able to see you while you are sitting in the garden, that’s fine, but a lot of people would like more privacy. One of the best ways to get that privacy is to build a wooden pergola out on the garden. If you have a nice deck or patio area, it’s not too difficult to build a fully covered pergola so your neighbors can’t see you when you are sitting out in the garden. It’s ideal in the summer because you have a shaded area where you can take a break from the sun when it gets too warm.

If privacy is very important to you, it’s difficult to feel comfortable in your home if you are exposed. But these simple changes will help you to make your home a lot more private.

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