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6 Décor Accessories Ideas For Revamping Your Home

Spending time renovating your home can quickly become a favorite pastime. Plus, it is less expensive than hiring contractors if you want a change of style. About 76% of people would rather spend money to upgrade their homes instead of buying. While that might significantly cost less, going for a total revamp can cause a dent in your purse. But there is no reason to worry because you can start making subtle renovations that will eventually create a big difference in the look and feel of the rooms in your home. Here are a few décor pieces that won’t break the bank.

Rattan/wicker furniture pieces

If you want your room to have a tropical feel or vibe, then it’s time to invest in some rattan or wicker furniture pieces. It has gained popularity over the past few years and is a common find on the interior pages of Instagram and Pinterest. However, such furniture can be pricey. One way to work around that is to invest in a few pieces such as chairs, lampshades, or a comfortable sofa for your patio.


Flowers are amazing. Not only do they brighten your mood, but they provide you with many benefits as well. One of the most important advantages is that certain flowering plants filter and purify the air in a room because of the copious amounts of oxygen they produce. On the other hand, if maintaining natural blooms might not be for you, you can invest in artificial flowers such as silk orchids, bromeliads, and tropical palm to beautify your home with their cheerful colors.

Throw pillows

Throw pillows have both functional and aesthetic uses. They provide comfort and are used to tie in color schemes within a particular room. Throw pillows come in different shapes, sizes, and patterns. You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the ones that work best with your room’s design theme.

Accent chairs

Accent chairs are used to complement décor or as a pop of color in a monotone space and can give your room some personality. Today, accent chairs are moving further away from using basic armchair fabric. Modern accent chairs use materials such as rope, wood, and cane, which will be perfect for outdoor seating, living rooms, or bedrooms.


Artwork in the form of wall art or sculptures can bring life to a room and also show your unique personality and interests. The best thing about having artwork is that it is an investment, as good art can appreciate in value.

Throw in some rugs

With so many patterns and styles, carpets are important design elements to have in your room. Consider getting a carpet to give your room some flare and a new atmosphere. Carpets also have additional benefits, such as providing additional insulation to your home and reducing noise caused by loud footsteps. Plus, since they are cushiony enough, they can serve as comfortable seats.

Revamping and making changes to the rooms in your home doesn’t have to happen overnight, neither does it have to be expensive. Little changes in your décor could lead to big transformations of your home, making it look and feel like it is brand new.

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