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Maiden Voyage of the T@G to Twin Eagle Lake RV Campground

After purchasing our T@G we made plans to take it on its first adventure to the Johnsons Shut Ins area.  The Shut Ins are a geographical wonder in the state of Missouri.  The park is near Taum Sauk Mountain.  The shut ins are where the East Fork Black River is contained by igneous rock. Igneous rock is hard and resistant to erosion.

We visited there when our daughter was young. She loved it and we vowed to go back, but we didn't until now.  The park campground was full, but we had heard good things about Twin Eagle Lake and decided to camp there.

Twin Eagle Lake is an RV resort.  The site includes a lake for swimming and fishing.  There is a very nice store with an ice cream counter,  food service,  camping essentials, groceries, and a large drink cooler.  They sell bundles of firewood for $5.  The bathrooms were clean.  You had to pay for a shower, but at a quarter for 8 minutes, that wasn't too bad.

The RV lots are gravel, and many of them are treeless or with very small trees.  We were there in July and it was sweltering.  However, our little AC in the teardrop worked beautifully.  We didn't get in the water but it looked refreshing.  There were several people fishing but I didn't notice if they caught much.

During this visit we spent a few hours at the Shut ins, but most of the time was at the campground.  We cooked several delicious meals which I will be sharing with you on a future post:  stay tuned!

What we learned:

1.  We need to find something to cover the stakes on the canopy.  Pool noodles, perhaps?  Glow in the dark tape?
2.  We brought way too much food.
3.  Dutch oven cooking is the bomb!
4. We need to bring more coffee.
5. Bring only 2 gallons of water and buy more while we are there.
6. Our Yeti isn't performing like we need it to. We need to find another solution for our drink cooler.
7. We need to know more about the area we are visiting. 

Looking forward to the next adventure in August to Bennett Springs!

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