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Five Things To Consider Before Your Big Bathroom Remodel

It's the place where we start and end each day - the bathroom has its own unique role in the life of our homes. A luxurious bathroom is becoming ever more important as the pace of life becomes more hectic and we need the little bit of escape we can find in these steamy havens. But a bathroom remodel is a fairly major project in your quest to tackle home improvements, so it's a good idea to put some time into carefully planning out what you're going to do before finding a bathroom fitter and getting the work started. And there are a few things you might not have thought of that it can be very useful to know…

Sit Down In Comfort

It may be obvious when you really think about it, but a very common mistake people buying new bathrooms often fall into is not sitting down in the bath before handing over their credit card at the till! The bath is where we like to relax, so making sure you find it comfortable is essential. Most people, unless very tall, are well accommodated by baths of 1500mm, but you must be sure that you can stretch out and be completely comfortable when bathing. The bath occupies a significant part of the real estate in your bathroom, so visually it's important to get it right as well. If you're opting for something like a statement freestanding bath, then it really needs to be the centrepiece of the room, so start with getting the bath selection right and the rest will come together.

Think About Flooring

Another area that can easily get overlooked or left until late in the process is your choice of flooring. Many people are now opting for underfloor heating to add that extra level of luxury to their room, so if you want to consider that option, get a range of quotes from specialists like the API Plumbing Website to make sure you secure quality work at a fair price. Durability is another huge factor in picking the right flooring, especially when it's for a family bathroom. Popular choices include ceramic tiling, stone or even marble for a touch of luxury. They look great and really stand up to wear and tear. All flooring needs to be well-sealed so that it keeps it's good looks for years to come. So putting a little research into the right flooring will make sure you keep enjoying your bathroom in the long term.

Think Through Your Fixtures

The star of the show, the fixtures that you select have the main role in determining both the functionality and the beauty of your bathroom. The best design unites both perfect usability and good looks. Make sure that the room really allows you to do what you need to. For some, that means including a luxurious bath where they can unwind and have some alone time at the end of a hard day is important. Others would prefer a statement wet room with a large shower cubicle, while still others would benefit from double sinks and vanity units to allow two people to use the room at the right time. And they say the devil is in the detail, so even the smaller elements like towel racks, fitting a hook for your robe when you step into the shower, or making sure there is a shelf above the bath to put your shampoo on. When you combine all these small comforts with a stylish design, and the bathroom just works perfectly, then you have achieved true luxury.

Design A Great Lighting Scheme

Lighting is also something that can really alter the mood of your new bathroom - so perhaps it's time to think outside of the box. After all, who says you shouldn't have a chandelier hanging above that rolltop bath to really make it feel like a boutique hotel? Good lighting is definitely important to bring out the best in your bathroom and make it easy to use. Again, it comes back to carefully thinking about how you will use the space. If you're planning to do your makeup in there then bright task lighting is important, but if you're using the space for relaxing baths at night then fitting a dimmer switch might be a better choice. Using LED spotlights saves energy and gives a bright, clean illumination. You may also choose to highlight certain special features with lighting. Your lighting scheme gives you the flexibility to transform the space at the flick of a switch. Also, don't forget natural light as well - adding a big frosted window or planning in a skylight over the shower if you're building from scratch is easy and can really elevate your design.

Shift Over To Storage

Storage is also a huge part of successful bathroom design, especially as we all seem to have more lotions and potions than ever. Get some inspiration by browsing through bathroom storage ideas on Pinterest and seeing what could work in your own space. There are lots of great ideas, from concealed shelving to displaying your favourite products on mirrored trays, or using woven jute baskets to hold items you need. Consider a sink vanity unit with drawers if you have a lot of items that you don't want cluttering up countertops and windowsills. Drawers give a lot more storage and are easier to access, as well as hiding unsightly plumbing works with clever cut outs inside. If it's a family bathroom and your kids will be using it, then storage for bath toys is also important. Some people like to keep a laundry hamper in the room to toss dirty clothes straight into. Others need somewhere for potted plants and luxury scented candles.

Whatever your interior style, it's clear that taking the time to think carefully about all the uses, needs and appearance that you want your bathroom to fulfill is the key to a design that you'll truly love and that will stand the test of time.

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