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Dishes You Need On Standby For When Guests Stay Over

You never really know when guests will stay over or turn up expecting food. So you need a list of dishes you can throw together quickly and efficiently to keep them well-fed and happy.

But what sort of thing do people want to eat? Think middle-of-the-road, but with a twist.

Take a look at these ideas.

Soy-Marinated Steak

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When people come over, they want you to feed them well. They don’t just want something you grabbed out of the freezer and shoved in the oven. In short, they can be quite demanding.

Fortunately, you can simulate effort with a little advanced preparation - and keep people happy at the same time. 

Twenty-four hours before your guests arrive, buy some prime steak and submerge it in a soy marinade. The saltiness in the soy helps to tenderize the meat while providing it with a delicious, Asian-style flavor people love. Soy marinades take just a few minutes to make but have a massive impact.

Once complete, all you need to do is put the marinated steaks on the griddle and cook them according to your guests’ requirements - rare, medium, or well-done.

Potato Salad

When people come to your house, they want something comforting that they can eat right away. That’s why having a classic potato salad recipe is essential for all homeowners who want to entertain regularly.

Potato salads are old-school, but you can add new twists to keep yours fresh and exciting. You don’t have to stick with conventional ingredients. Feel free to add things like dill, bacon bits, and asparagus. Try experimenting until you find something that knocks the ball out of the park. Your guests will thank you for it. 

Salami Tapas

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Tapas is a Spanish invention and a stroke of genius. Essentially, it involves taking slices of artisan bread, toasting them, and then adding various Mediterranean toppings. It’s super simple to do, requires virtually no preparation, and yet looks and tastes delicious.

You can experiment with all sorts of flavors and ingredients. Salami with olives is a popular combination. But you could try things like prosciutto with honey or crumbly Spanish cheese and sweet plum chutney. Better yet, keep all these ingredients to hand and serve up different flavors of tapas together. 

Quick Curry With Raita

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Curries tend to taste better with age, so here’s a pro tip - make your curry sauce in advance and freeze it. Then, when your guests arrive, you can just add it to the pan along with any fresh meat or veggies.

To make your curry authentic, can try making raita to go with it. Usually, this involves adding cucumber and mint to yogurt and waiting for the flavors to meld together. If you’re making a hot curry, serving raita is essential.

Finally, serve your curry with authentic pilau rice - the perfect accompaniment. To make it more authentic (and expensive), add some saffron. This spice lifts the flavor and makes it feel lighter and more aromatic. 

So, will you make any of these dishes for when guests come over?  What are your go-to dishes for guests?

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