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The Best Homemade Bug Spray

When you start camping again, you start to remember why you stopped in the first place!  Most of those reasons centered around getting attacked by bugs.  We have several remedies that we love and I'll share them with you!

1.  Bug screen tent.

We've learned that sometimes you have to have your own bug free tent.  Look for ones that have a fine screen mesh that lets in the breeze but keeps out the no-see-ums.  Those tiny biters are the worst!

2.  Citronella candles.

No matter what, these candles always seem to work for us.  You can also get citronella oil torches, grow the plant (we have them all over our patio!) or use citronella essential oil.

3. Avon's Skin So Soft Spray Bug Repellent

I love this product for its nonsticky feel after it goes on.  It is also an effective product, but a bit pricy.

My favorite product is the homemade bug spray that I make with my Young Living Essential oils.  It's DEET free.  I use water as an extender, but if you can stand the smell, apple cider vinegar can replace the water with even more effect. The recipe for this wonderful, cost-effective product follows.

30 drops Citronella oil
30 drops Lemongrass oil
20 drops (lemon) Eucalyptus oil
10 drops Peppermint oil
10 drops Tea Tree Oil
1/2 c witch hazel
1 T vodka (or rubbing alcohol)
1/2 c water

Add vodka and oils to a glass spray bottle and shake well.
Add in witch hazel and shake to combine.
Add water and shake again.

To use:  Shake well before applying.  Spray a thin coat over the body and rub in.

Tips:  Add vanilla (1 teaspoon) if needed to improve the scent.
Spot test to be sure there isn't an oil or ingredient that you are sensitive to.  Basil oil can be added to the list or replace the peppermint oil.

I find that I like to reapply every four hours for the most effective coverage.

If I do get the occasional bug bite, I love using this:  Bug Bite Thing.  What we love is that it is completely chemical-free, and fits right into my purse.  It's a suction tool, so it extracts the venom from the bite.

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