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Turn Your Extra Vehicle Storage Into Income As A Courier

If you have a van, an RV, or simply a car that offers a lot of space, then you might have considered making better use of that space. Aside from simply using it to camp, you might also be able to make a little money by transporting goods around the state or even around the company. A lot of people are getting into courier and transport services, so what can you do to make it a viable side hustle?

Advertise your services

One of the big mistakes that a lot of drivers and owner-operators make is that they neglect to set up their own web presence. There are a lot of drivers out there, but most of them aren’t advertising their own services, meaning that they’re easy to overlook. As such, if you want to make real money as a courier, then you also want to look at setting up your own website. Describe your services, what space your vehicle owns, what areas you’re willing to serve, and provide a method for people to get in contact with you. You can also invest in social media marketing and even some advertising if your budget allows for it, but make sure you’re getting enough business to pay off those costs.

Find platforms that can provide trucking contracts

You want to make sure that you have your own platform and space to advertise your services. However, you don’t want to miss the sheer variety of jobs that can come through the larger platforms, either. Load board platforms allow owner-operators and freight brokers to find one another. As such, you can find teams that are looking for drivers in your area, which can include anything from moving companies to online retailers. The contracts through these platforms tend to be short-term, meaning they might not lead to recurring revenue. However, they can help bump up your earnings while you’re trying to attract your own leads and, occasionally, they will lead to something a little longer-term.

Find a long-term supplier

The “gig economy” has resulted in a lot of work relationships where couriers will pair with a specific provider or service. Think of some of the largest online retail companies and there’s a good likelihood that they not only make use of freelance drivers but also that they’re constantly looking for new drivers to populate their fleet, as well. It’s worth noting that given how many people tend to work for these companies, you’re likely to get paid less for your work and have less room to negotiate your own working conditions. However, they can be a consistent source of work, helping you make money while you build up your own client base that offers a little more.

Nowadays, a lot of companies are turning to independent, freelance couriers and transport providers to help ship their stuff from A to B. As such, there are a lot of opportunities to make money, but you need to keep your eye on the jobs market as it’s pretty competitive, as well.

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