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10 Unique Benefits of Oolong Green Tea

Green tea possesses health benefits that are important in helping our bodies perform optimally. It is considered to be one of the healthiest beverages on earth. That is not all; green tea is full of antioxidants that assist the body in so many ways.

Some benefits of these antioxidants include:

• Assist in losing weight
• Reduces the risk of suffering a heart disease
• Increases brain function
• Reduces chances of getting cancer

Oolong green tea is a combination of black and green tea. It has these essential antioxidants and also has other health benefits you will get after just a cup of this wonderful beverage.

Here are 10 health benefits of oolong green tea:

Improves brain function

Oolong green tea has caffeine as its most active ingredient. Aside from keeping you alert all day, caffeine improves your mood and memory. If you thought that caffeine is only found in coffee, you are wrong.

Of course, coffee contains larger amounts of caffeine, but green tea has just enough to trigger improved brain functionality and more benefits.

Reduces the risk of getting cancer

Cancer is actually one of the leading causes of death across all age groups and races. The uncontrolled growth of body cells causes it. Since green tea contains antioxidants, they reduce oxidative damage. If oxidative damage is not controlled, it may lead to chronic inflammation that, in turn, results in cancer.
You can already see that green tea is a lifesaving beverage.

Has bioactive compounds

Some of these compounds include polyphenol. Polyphenol is a healthy antioxidant that helps fight inflammation. Thus it helps reduce chances of getting cancer. Additionally, oolong green tea contains EGCG catechins. These are antioxidants that safeguard your body against cell damage.


These bioactive compounds help your body achieve so much more than is said.

Helps in losing weight

According to
research, green tea increases your body’s ability to burn fat. Actually, if you took a look at many fat-burning supplements, green tea will always be among the ingredients. In addition to burning fat, green tea increases the body’s physical performance. This is because the fat being burnt is converted to energy. Also, green tea can tremendously increase the metabolic rate.

Assists in reducing bad breath

The catechins mentioned above are loaded with benefits. Some of those benefits pertain to oral health. Research in recent times has proven that these catechins reduce the growth of bacteria in the mouth. 
These bacteria cause the formation of a cavity on the tooth and thus result in bad breath and subsequently, tooth decay. So never turn down a cup of green tea in the morning. If that doesn't work, there may be underlying causes that the professional dentist in Concord can help you pinpoint and address.

Protects the brain from aging

Dementia is normally a result of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a disease that prevents the brain from generating essential neurons. It is mostly found in senior citizens. Various studies done on animal models suggest that catechin compounds present in Oolong green tea protect the brain neurons.

If these neurons are not produced well, then dementia or another neurodegenerative disease may result.

Helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases

Among the leading causes of death on earth are heart failure and stroke. Oolong green tea has benefits that improve the main risk factors of these cardiovascular diseases. It helps regulate cholesterol levels in the blood.
Another benefit is that green tea helps clear the pathway that leads towards the heart. It prevents LDL particles (bad cholesterol) from getting oxidized. Thus creating a clear pathway for blood.

Plays a role in preventing diabetes type 2

Type 2 diabetes is caused by increased blood sugar levels. This condition is triggered by the body’s inability to generate enough insulin. Research conducted on Japanese citizens indicates that green tea increases insulin sensitivity and goes a step further to lessen blood sugar levels.

Helps fight inflammatory skin diseases

Inflammatory skin diseases like psoriasis are stubborn to treat. However, a study involving animal models was conducted in 2007. The animals had patches of red, flaky and dried up skin. They were treated solely on green tea, and the results were promising.
Green tea actually slowed down the growth of the inflammatory disease affecting the animals by a considerable rate.

Increases your lifespan

After all its health benefits of preventing cancer and heart disease, it is a natural ingredient to live a longer life that is disease-free.


After reading all these benefits that you may get after a cup of green tea, you may want to read more about oolong tea which is a combination of green tea and black tea. By clicking the link, you will get to know about its origin, how it’s made and where to buy it online.

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