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7 Pests That Affect Your Health

 Spotting or seeing pests scurrying about your house can be upsetting and stressful experience. Whether it is a mouse in the basement or cockroaches in the kitchen, pests' presence is just something, which homeowners must deal with to avoid potential home damage and infestation. 

But did you know that some pests can affect your health? Although we often give these ugly creatures a bad reputation since they are irritating, the truth of the matter is most carry certain health concerns, which can be dangerous.

Here are some common pests known to create all manner of health issues.

1. Rodents

Mostly found in messy urban areas or rural areas, rodents like mice and rats aren’t always perceived as a worrying health risk since to many: having them around has almost become a way of life, and they’re viewed as cute and adorable.

In reality, however, these little creatures are known to carry more than 35
diseases through their droppings, nesting materials, saliva, and urine. These diseases like hantavirus, listeria, and salmonellosis can be deadly, and so it is important to constantly be on the lookout for signs of mice and rats in your home.

2. Bed bugs

Bed bugs are among the few pests that do little harm to humans: They don’t transmit deadly diseases and don’t destroy home structures.

Although they aren’t harmful, they can create mental health concerns that are real problems, which shouldn’t be disregarded or ignored. For example, many individuals who have suffered through these creatures' infestation have developed anemia from blood loss, sleep deprivation, stress, social isolation, depression, and more.

Bed bug bites will also leave you with lesions, rashes, and scars that can become infected like any other wound or bite can.

3. Roaches

Unless you are an entomologist, you likely already think roaches are creepy, gross, and most hideous. In addition to their disgusting factor, these insects can pose a serious risk to your health.

Cockroaches multiply too quickly, so it doesn’t take long for just a few roaches to turn into an infestation in a short period. They shed their skin, leaving behind droppings as well as urine everywhere; which easily become airborne allergens.

The particles can quickly cause an allergic reaction to people who have asthma or anyone sensitive or reactive to allergens.

Because cockroaches also sneak in through small cracks, sewer pipes, vents, drains, and crevices, they can contaminate your home surfaces such as the cupboards and countertops with pathogens and bacteria.

4. Spider

While most spider infestations are not harmful, some can seriously cause issues to humans. Their bites can cause allergic reactions, inflammation, and swelling in some persons, not forgetting on-going discomfort.

What is more, if you face an infestation of
extremely poisonous critters such as brown recluse or black widow spiders, the bites can be toxic.

5. Mosquitos

Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying – they are health risks as well. They can transfer and carry viruses like Eastern Equine Encephalitis, West Nile, and Zika which can cause death and severe illness in some animals and humans. Therefore, it's imperative to recognize the immense importance of a professional mosquito service curtailing these dangerous pests, to ensure they don't wreak havoc on our health. Comprehensive mosquito management not only alleviates our outdoor experiences but also, more vitally, shields communities from the insidious illnesses they can disperse.

6. Fleas

Fleas might not sound like a big threat to a home; however, these wingless can be very hazardous if an infestation is let to thrive. Fleas carry many diseases on their tiny bodies and transmit droppings and bacteria onto home surfaces in no time.

They can carry tuberculosis, salmonella, cholera, dysentery, and typhoid, and some transfer parasite eggs into your food, resulting in long-term illnesses as well as gastrointestinal issues.

7. Ants

These less terrifying and small insects can still present a danger to human health. Ants flock together and can contaminate food with illness-causing bacteria and cause painful bites.

Bites from certain ant species are not just painful, but they can also cause rashes and inflammation. They can as well carry dangerous microbes since some feed on decomposing plants and animals.

The bottom line

Pests present serious effects on you and your family’s wellbeing and are destructive. The best way to minimize the damage pests can do is to invite a professional from
Excel Pest Services to evaluate the issues. Pesticides work, but help from experts often turn out to be extremely effective.


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