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Softly Blows the Bugle by Jan Drexler #ourgoodlifebooklist

As many of my readers know, Amish fiction is one of my guilty pleasures.  This latest novel by Jan Drexler is a five-star read, so add it to your Christmas list.  In fact, you should add the entire series!

This book has a lot of threads that are woven together to create a novel that moves steadily all the way through the end. The book talks about Jonas and Katie, who want to marry but need the church's approval since Jonas served in the Civil War.  It's about Aaron Zook, who is not Amish but needs the consistency of the Amish life to feel like a part of a family.  The book is about Elizabeth, who is widowed during the war, but that turns out to be a good thing.  

This book is one of those that can be read in a day but don't.  Sit with the messages.  That's what a lot of readers do wrong with Amish lit.  The messages that woven in the stories need time to bake. Take your time, think about the characters, think about the church and the impact on their lives.

For me, Aaron and Elizabeth's story has the deepest message.  It's about what is on the inside, not the outside that matters, but each has to find their own way to that understanding.  It's about what makes a family, too.  Take your time, figure out the messages, and be better off for having read this book.

About the author:

Jan Drexler brings a unique understanding of Amish traditions and beliefs to her writing. Her ancestors were among the first Amish, Mennonite, and Brethren immigrants to Pennsylvania in the 1700s, and their experiences are the inspiration for her stories. Jan lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota with her husband, where she enjoys hiking and spending time with her expanding family. She is the author of The Sound of Distant Thunder, The Roll of the Drums, Hannah's Choice, Mattie's Pledge (a 2017 Holt Medallion finalist), and Naomi's Hope, as well as several Love Inspired historical novels.

I received a copy of this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion about the book.

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