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Moving in Together: 3 Pieces of Advice for Couples

Getting your first place together is a huge milestone for any couple. It doesn’t matter whether you’re renting an apartment or buying a house; you’re starting your life together and opening a new chapter in your relationship. 

Sitting together and looking for a place to live, packing up all your stuff, and getting the keys to your property are some of the most exciting moments any couple will experience. But it’s not always romance and smiles. As anyone who has ever moved in with a partner will know, it can be a real test to your relationship.

You will be around each other 24/7, so all of your personal habits will be out in the open and unavoidable. Behaviors you once thought charming and cute will now seem irritating, and you may find yourself arguing about the slightest things. Matters like your finances, the home decor, and even what to eat for dinner can all cause simmering resentments if you’re not careful.

But don’t let this scare you off. As long as you know what to expect and take care to respect each other’s needs, moving in together will be just as romantic and exciting as you dreamed. To help you make the most of your move, here are a few pieces of advice for couples moving in together. 


When it comes to moving in together, communication is key. There will be things that are hard, and your relationship may struggle if you don’t take steps to address them. Before you move in, sit down and talk to each other about anything that is worrying you and what you expect of the other person. You may get a new perspective on the situation and come to an agreement about how to make things easier for both of you. Throughout the moving process, don’t let resentments and annoyances fester. Keep everything out in the open to better enable you to deal with issues together and grow as a couple.

Make it your own

The best way to make moving in together a positive, exciting experience is to make it fun. Turning an empty property into your own space will help you bond as a couple and look forward to your new life together. Go shopping for furniture together and consider adding some romantic decor such as photographs of your relationship or a moon print, which will allow you to memorialize your first ever date in a unique way. 

Respect each other’s differences 

Different people have different habits and preferences around the home. Some people are messy and happy to leave clutter all over the place, while others need everything to be neat and ordered at all times. Your partner might like to have some alone time every now and then, which can be frustrating if you’re the kind of extroverted person who needs company at all times. Both of you should feel at home and free to be whoever you want to be. Don’t expect your partner to change their ways for you, and they shouldn’t expect you to do the same. Respect each other’s differences and find ways of making it work.

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