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A Recipe For The Perfect Dinner Party

If you are keen to host a winter soiree in your humble abode, you might be eager to invite your nearest and dearest around for a dinner party. Dinner parties can be super formal or a chilled out relaxed affair. With the Christmas holidays coming up and social distancing measures still in place, there could be some restrictions that could impact your plans. However, a dinner party can still be achieved if you can adhere to the rules. You need to consider the seating plan, the food, the music, and the vibe that you want to create. Take a look at this perfect recipe for a dinner party.

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The Food

The most crucial aspect of any foodie soiree is the menu that you have on offer. You could opt for a fusion-inspired eating experience or you might want to cook up an authentic feast from your heritage. Consider the sort of vibe you want to create for your dinner party. For something more formal, you might ask for your diners to dress up ready for an exquisite four-course meal complete with an amuse-bouche. This might include a soup, some fine dining with duck, fondant potatoes, and greens, followed by a lemon posset dessert. Alternatively, you might want to opt for something more relaxed. One-pot cooking like coq au vin can be ideal if you want to be out there with your guests hosting. You might want to go to create your own style dining with fajitas or tacos in the mix for your menu. However you create your menu, go for nibbles when people enter. There’s nothing better than a homemade candied butternut squash dish for people to dip in and out of.

The Decor

For the ultimate relaxed and comfortable environment, forget the formal chairs, the ridiculous amount of cutlery, and tablecloths, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you have a dining room, dress your dining table with personalized settings so your guests know where to sit. Enjoy putting some lower wattage bulbs into your Murano glass chandelier to create a more subtle and cozy ambiance for your diners. Ensure that you dress your table with flowers to add freshness to the area. Keep the wine flowing, always have some finger food on the table to nibble at, and have the chilled out tunes playing in the background.

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If you are keen to have a theme for your dinner party, get planning well in advance. Don’t opt for something too comical like asking your guests to arrive as their favorite movie character. This can quickly see your dinner party descend into a fancy dress party. Go for formal glamor or relaxed attire depending on the vibe you want to create. Some themes like art deco or the swinging sixties can be reflected in your decor and the gastronomic fayre that you have to offer. You don’t have to go for any theme at all if you’d rather have less to think about in your planning stages. Sometimes good company, good conversation, and good food are enough.

Follow this guide and you can enjoy a recipe for the perfect dinner party.


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