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Turkey Cranberry Grilled Cheese

It's #CranberryWeek and a fun group of bloggers and I are sharing recipes for what you can make with the season's crop of cranberries!  Cranberries are a seasonal fruit that many of us enjoy during Thanksgiving.  Here's how to make a delicious Turkey Cranberry Grilled Cheese!

To keep it as authentic as possible, I use leftover canned cranberry jelly, mozzarella cheese, and sliced turkey on a leftover roll.  Believe it or not, this delightful sandwich is so delicious served toasty and warm right from the pan.

To make a Turkey Cranberry Grilled Cheese you don't really need a recipe, just a set of procedures to make one.  First, melt butter in your skillet.  Cut the dinner roll in half, and place the cut side down on the frying pan.  Let the roll brown in the butter, then turn.  With the cut side up, on one side place your turkey and mozzarella.  Let the sandwich heat up and the cheese melt.  On the other side, spread a thick layer of cranberry jelly.  Top the turkey with the cranberry bread and let cook a bit longer.

And, that's it!  I love to serve this with Aldi Stuffing Potato Chips, which are just available seasonally.  You really have to look to find them!

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