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Is a Soft Pet Carrier Right for My Pet?

There are many misconceptions associated with soft dog crates. The first worry that most pet parents have concerning crates or cages is that it's a form of torture for the pets. In truth, foldable, soft dog crates, in particular, are heaven-sent for many pet parents who need to travel without their pets suffering through any ill-effects during the journey. Check out PetStruggles for more information about these crates.

The Advantages Of Soft Pet Carrier

Crating is not a form of punishment for your furry friend. The use of softer fabric and the ease with which your pet can move and snuggle inside it function to serve as your dog's personal space. Many parents even glitz up the soft pet carrier with colorful fabrics, glow-in-the-dark straps, and larger fiberglass screens so that your fluffy friend feels more like its lounging in its bedroom with a clear view of its best friend.


Most well-renowned vets even recommend soft crates for house training, teaching your dog to settle down and relax, and prevent destructive behaviors. Furthermore, if you have a pup of any breed of dog, and are unable to supervise it for a short time, then a soft pet carrier is your best bet.


Most importantly, if you need to take your dog to the vet, or anywhere else, but you don't have help to monitor your dog, then keeping even a large dog in a soft crate will mean a safer journey for you and your faithful companion.


But, it is vital to understand that you must never force your fluffball into a crate or cage if it demonstrates a sense of fear or unwillingness towards it.

The Different Sizes Of Soft Crates

Now, if you're wondering what size of dogs can fit into a soft crate, then be ready to be amazed.  So, that means that it's available in a range of colors, sizes, and designs. Not to mention, the price tags attached vary significantly too. There isn't a doubt that you can keep your small-sized dogs such as Pomeranians or Chihuahuas or black and white Yorkshire Terriers in soft crates. But, there are sturdier fabric pet carriers that can home medium-sized dogs such as a Staffordshire Terrier.


Additionally, the best soft dog crates are typically multi-faceted because they’re suitable for travel or indoor use. It's quite alright if your pet wants to take a nap in it or stay in it for a couple of hours. But, it's not advisable to have your pets stay in it for too long, especially outdoors in the sun.


At this point, you may think that the cost of a soft pet carrier may outweigh the advantages. But, you'd be wrong again. Fabric crates not only encompasses durability, comfort, and security, but also hybrid mesh materials that ensure proper ventilation and sustainability.

How easy is it to use and fold a soft crate for dogs?

Soft pet carriers are nothing if not easy to use. Such crates generally have three door openings to prevent a sense of claustrophobia. Many have a water-resistant base with superb construction quality. Moreover, most soft dog crates also have durable yet collapsible steel frames for ease of storage.


The technology behind soft pet carrier is such that all it takes is a push of a few buttons to open or fold the crate. The only thing that you have to do is to identify the collapsible points. With the easy push-button design, you press at these points, and the bars can collapse in on themselves.


On the flip side, to set up, you first need to push the sidebars into place. Some carriers have a bolt mechanism, so you have to screw the sidebars into place. It is essential to do as this is a safety feature that prevents the carrier from collapse when your canine gets edgy or fidgety.


There are several advantages of a soft crate for dogs. But, before you go off to buy one, it's smart to go through some customer reviews of various products to understand whether it's worth the money you spend.


Also, each pet parent is aware of their dog's sensibilities, likes, and dislikes. So, it's viable to go for a choice that will keep your furry friend happy. The happier your pet is, the longer the soft pet carrier is likely to last.

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