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Couples, Take Note of These 6 Sleep Tips

 Couples spend about a third of their lives sleeping (and sometimes snuggling) side by side. They, therefore, are aware of how they can affect each other's sleeping patterns.

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If one of you wants to watch TV late at night and the other likes to hit the hay early, this scenario can be a challenge. Sleep, however, does not need to be a relationship deal-breaker. You can both get quality, restful sleep with a few adjustments.

Here are a few tips to work on your sleep hygiene as a couple:

  1. Make Your Bed More Comfortable

Couples should have a comfortable bed to achieve a good night's rest. If both of you don't like your current mattress, go shop for one and pick a bed that the two of you will love.

Also, don't forget to buy mattress accessories, such as soft, fluffy pillows and a high-quality split comforter for couples. A comfortable bed will make sure that neither of you will toss nor turn at night because of discomfort.

  1. Create a Screen-Free Sanctuary

No one has to give up late-night shows on Netflix, but your bedroom shouldn't have a TV. This part of your house is a space for quiet rest. If watching TV is what you or your partner needs to fall asleep, you'll need to get used to this in another room. This way, you or your partner does not interrupt someone's sleep.

Besides the TV, you should put down portable electronic devices before going to bed, such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets. These gadgets emit artificial blue light, which promotes the production of daytime hormones like cortisol. This has the unfortunate side effect of preventing you from falling asleep.

  1. Go to Bed at Different Times

Some individuals may require more time to drift asleep than others. If your partner is ruining your sleep because of their constant tossing and turning, you'll want to consider different bedtimes. According to an article from the University of Utah, half an hour is the average time it takes a person to fall asleep.

Taking longer to drift off to sleep could mean that you're fighting the internal clock of your body. If this is the case, try a later bedtime. When doing this, however, please make sure that you are careful and quiet. The last thing you want to do is to disturb your sleeping partner.

  1. Cuddle Before (and Not During) Sleep

Physical touch produces the "love hormone" called oxytocin. According to research published in Scientific American, this hormone makes individuals more empathetic and emotionally open. Couples can improve their relationships by physical touch and the flood of oxytocin that comes with this action.

Although cuddling is important to strengthen your relationship, you should not do this if both of you need to get some sleep. Cuddling generates heat, which isn't ideal for people who unfortunately tend to run hot when they sleep.

If you want to cuddle, consider doing this before hitting the hay. If you want to feel the effect of cuddling minus the heat, use a body pillow.

  1. Refrain from Looking at the Clock

This advice might seem like a no-brainer, yet people do this action out of habit. When people wake up in the middle of the night or are having a difficult time falling asleep, one of the things they do is to check the time.

Every time you look at the clock, you read the time automatically and immediately start counting down the hours (and sometimes even the minutes) until you must wake up and start your day. This only increases your stress when your body is doing its best to get some rest.

When you check the time, you're probably picking up your device. This, in turn, immediately emits blue light that can prevent you from getting the sleep you need.

If you or your partner are having trouble falling asleep at night and both of you have a habit of staring at the clock, get rid of this timepiece from your bedroom.

If you're concerned about not having an alarm that will wake you up for work, opt for a twin-bell alarm clock. They are usually more affordable than digital alarms. What's more, you'll find that you're getting better sleep from eliminating the stress and light of your old clock.

  1. Address the Snoring Immediately

Snoring can ruin sleep for the other. If either of you has this problem, consult your doctor for a diagnosis and proper treatment.

Don't let restless and sleepless nights ruin your relationship. Take note of these six suggestions to wake up energized, rested and ready for a new day.

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  1. Honestly, sleeping in separate rooms would help a ton but we don't have the extra space. So we got a King bed and my husband has a CPAP now so he thankfully doesn't snore anymore.

  2. My worst habit is looking at a clock whenever I wake up. I am a restless sleeper and looking at the clock definitely makes it worse!

  3. These are some great tips to help couples sleep better, I sleep longer than my other half so I normally go to bed a bit earlier.

  4. These tips came at the right time. I am having troubles sleeping.

  5. I struggle with getting a good night's sleep. I will definitely have to give your tips a try.

  6. I know my wife and I need to make bedtime screen-free. It's just so tempting because that's the only chance we get to watch our favorite shows.

  7. Richelle Escat10:23 PM

    Great tips and I love the topic, it's applicable not only for couples but also for the whole family.

  8. Scarlett Brooklyn10:33 PM

    I agree, there shouldn't be a TV in the room, especially if someone can stay up till morn.

  9. My husband and I go to bed at different times usually. He snores and twitches a lot in the beginning of his sleep and it drives me nuts!

  10. Such great tips! We still struggle with the snoring situation because ours can't be fixed so sometimes a guest bedroom is the best alternative.

  11. These are all good tips. Our bed is pretty comfy which helps. We tend to watch tv to help us unwind.

  12. wow! I am impressed how your advice are perfect. I've tried some of your tips and they do work a lot. Almost a year we don't have a TV in our bedroom and we go to sleep at different hours and these helped us a lot to find the right balance.

  13. perfecting timing i read this. been having trouble sleeping lately

  14. My husband and I are like opposite poles. I can't stand the heat so I turn on the airconditioner, but when I enjoy the right temperature for me to fall asleep, my husband says he feels chilly. He uses the TV as a "sedative," but it keeps me awake. Haha.

  15. These are perfect tips,yes good sleep is need as couples I fell asleep so easily but my hubby is not that deep sleeper.

  16. Sleep is so important and especially critical when trying to navigate a schedule with a partner. Fortunately, we have similar sleep rituals which makes it easy for the both of us to get a good night of rest. Great tips!


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