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Keeping Your Cross-State Move Smooth

Moving home is going to bring some stress with it, there’s little to do about that. However, there are few that are more demanding than big moves over long stretches of distance. Moving across state lines, in particular, can make a difference that you need to account for. As such, as well as all of the regular moving tips you’ve probably read, here are a few extra considerations you should make before the cross-state move.

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Work out all your transport in advance

It’s a big long trip and the closer you get to it, the harder it can be to find professionals that can make it on the day that you need them to. To that end, make sure that you work early, getting quotes from multiple movers. Ensure that they provide both the protection you need, such as insurance, as well as any equipment that might be needed for heavy or to transport items.

Check the home ahead of time

It might not be easy to travel back and forth too many times before moving day. However, whenever you get the keys, you might want to visit the home ahead of time to clean, prepare, and check up on a few things. This way, you have a better idea of how much work you need to do as soon as you land, and what you should get working on first and foremost.

The specifics of the state that you’re moving to

Before you make any deals on any properties, you should be doubly sure that you’ve done your research. Answer the question of “why move to that state in particular?” There can differences in climate, in taxes, in transport, and much more that you should get to know before you make that big decision. Some people even experience some culture shock when moving across state lines.

Downsize that move

Longer trips cost more, and larger vehicles needed to transport more goods will increase that cost even more. There are a few ways you can downsize your move. You can sell off goods that you don’t need as much, for instance. Another way to go about it is to hire some storage space temporarily. You can always make trips to get the items that you’re not ready to move or at least hold them until it’s a good time to sell.

Keeping your vehicles in mind

With one car, making the trip might be simple enough. Just make sure you take plenty of breaks and drive safe the whole way. If you have multiple vehicles, however, or are driving a rental van to move your stuff yourself, then you need to consider how your car will get from A to B. You might have a friend or family member who can take it for you but there are car moving services that could help out, as well.

The tips above are just some of the ways you should consider making your move across state lines a little easier.

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