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Essential Steps for Planning a Memorable Golf Vacation

'Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose.'

Winston Churchill 


Golf is one such game that comes with a lot of challenges and protocols to conquer the field. But that's what makes this sport stand out unique in the crowd of different games played worldwide. 

A golf hat, club, balls and gloves


In the 1920s, golf sought the maximum spectators, giving this sport a much-required hype. Talking about the current years, Florida's golf industry's overall direct economic progress has reached up to $7.5 billion dollars. This is one of the biggest records of the golf domain recorded so far. Currently, there are more than 24.3 million golfers in the United States, which increases annually. In no time, this club-and-ball sport made such an impact that many renowned manufacturers of golf equipment made 1.61 billion dollars in 2020. You can also read about: How Did Golf Develop Over Time.


In recent times, the accelerated popularity of golf has made many enthusiasts plan for a golf vacation. This is common for professional golfers who love to have a next-level golf experience. If you are one of those who wish to step out to an impeccable place with the perfect ambiance to play your favorite sport (golf), then here is all you need to do. This guide will make more sense to you if you are new to planning for a golf vacation for real. 


#1 - Ask your friends to accompany you - However, several players are in love with golfing alone in peace. But when it comes to stepping out for a golf vacation, going alone does not make any sense. Therefore, it's a good idea to ask your friends and family members to join you on the trip. This will open a gateway to many exciting ideas and unlimited fun on the trip. 

Sunrise on a golf course with a bag full of clubs in the foreground.


Pro tip - Several golf trip organizers reveal that eight works as a magical number for the most amazing golf trips planned. So, what are you waiting for? Ask any of your eight friends to accompany you for the ultimate fun. 


#2 - Look for a suitable destination - Choosing an appropriate destination for your dream trip is one of the daunting tasks. It becomes more challenging when it comes to planning for golf. Some of the most common and fabulous locations for golf tours include - Myrtle Beach, Florida, Alabama, Oregon, Scottsdale, Arizona, Wisconsin, and much more. What's more exciting is that you can find several golf courses draped with the best snowy view for you to enjoy. If you are considering visiting somewhere else outside the United States, make sure to consult your tour organizer first. 


#3 - Decide what you will wear? It's another topic of conversation to discuss and plan way before your trip. You should look your best when playing your favorite sport at your favorite travel destination. Therefore, consider golfers clothing seriously and look through the best options and brands right away. Some of the most common and highly recommended brands to consider for golfing clothes are - Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Puma, and much more. No matter a golf stick or a classy polo shirt, make sure to buy it after reading the genuine reviews online. When it comes to your equipment, particularly your driver, it's essential to choose a reliable and efficient one. You can browse through an array of top-quality options at Next Round Golf, to ensure you're geared up perfectly for the game.


#4 - What's your budget? - Now, that's one of the significant things to discuss with your friends and trip organizers. Some golfers wish to have an average experience by choosing the basic plans. On the contrary, others may be willing to pay enough for a luxurious and comforting trip. It all depends on your taste, budget, and overall desirable experience. If you're a dedicated golf enthusiast looking for an unparalleled golfing experience, consider unlocking the perks of an exclusive golf membershipBased on this, you can pick a place and make other necessary decisions. For example - Las Vegas offers several golf courses with a green fee of around $300 or above. And some other agencies may be offering golf courses for $80 only. 


Some of the cheapest places to play golf are - Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand, and Ireland. On the other hand, you can experience playing the most expensive golf in Florida, which may cost you up to $635 per game. So, the choice is yours! 


#5 - Decide the clubs and book them - Just like you and your friends, maybe someone from the other corner of the world must be planning for the same golf trip destination. So, if you do not want the best location to slip out of your hands, consider surfing through the best clubs and rent them before it's too late. Moreover, when you make early bookings, you are likely to receive the best deals and lower rental prices. 


#6 - Packing - Getting your bags ready for the golf trip is somewhere different from the other trips you enjoyed in the past. Therefore, pay extra attention to it. When on your dream trip, you are not supposed to worry about garments; therefore, carry a golf outfit every day, so you have enough chances to flaunt your dress sense. Besides, don't forget to pack some regular clothes to relax in the evening—another critical factor in preserving the golf kit. Here, many golfers commit a blunder which ends up ruining your trip eventually. 


Usually, golf kits are expensive enough to burn a hole in your pocket. Thus, it's essential to buy some quality bags to preserve the golf equipment wisely. Relax; many online stores are offering reliable golf bags for your travel purposes. 


#7 - Consider weather and season - Some fantastic golf trip locations are closed for more than half a year. Therefore, it's essential to have a word with your trip organizer in advance and know the best time to visit. For instance - Florida offers the best opportunities for golf games, picnics, long trips, and much more, but it shuts down during the winter due to excessive snowfall. Moreover, it's a good idea to remain familiar with the unfavorable weather conditions at your preferred destination, which may help you pack your bags accordingly. 



The sunrise shines on a golf hole with a golf ball



The final takeaway - 


Only a golfer can understand the excitement and fun of planning for a golf vacation surrounded by everything around golf. This vacation type is slightly different from the traditional ones as it encompasses everything revolving around golf.

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