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5 Great Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

One of the major achievements anyone can have in life is owning their own home. Once you own a home, this shouldn’t stop you from wanting to increase the value of the house. Whether you’re planning to sell in the future or not, it’s still best to always work on having a great home so you can get a strong return on investment.

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Invest in Energy-Efficient Features

Many homebuyers will place a heavy emphasis on homes that have eco-friendly features. This is due to wanting to be energy efficient to save money but also to give recognition to environmental issues that are happening in the world. If you’re looking into upgrading your appliances such as your furnace or oven, try to look into more energy-efficient goods.  These can often save you money in the long run on your monthly utilities, plus you’ll be helping out the environment.


Focus on the Exterior of the House

The exterior of your home is the first thing that realtors and buyers see, this on its own will make or break how much interest it will garner in potential buyers. The first impression matters so it’s absolutely important that you also focus on what your house looks like on the outside. Thankfully changes don’t have to be too difficult such as hiring a painter to change the color or airdrie roofing for making changes to the roof.  It’s best to consider giving your house a brand new appearance to attract customers because no one wants to live in an outdated home

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Landscaping Matters

This ties in with how the outside looks. Curb appeal is also very important for your home’s value because this also affects the first impression for the real estate agent and the buyer. There are plenty of ways to enhance the front lawn of your home. Landscaping services are often very affordable, but they can also be a fun DIY project if you enjoy outdoor activities.  Small changes can also make an impact on your home's curb appeal such as plating flowers, preventing weeds, and making sure your grass is green. Small changes can make a difference in a home’s value.


Increase the Square Footage

The square footage of a house greatly impacts its value. Larger homes are often of higher value as well as being higher in demand by the buyers. It’s very helpful to add a room to the house, like the basement or even a deck. Basements are one of the greatest ways of adding 100 square feet or more to a home’s footprint. They’re often more affordable compared to expanding to other rooms plus they’re often in demand as well. So increasing the square footage will drastically boost your selling price.


Become a Smart Home

Smart home technology has become very popular over the last couple of years. While most of the gadgets getting the attention are Google Home and Alex, there is a smart and safe technology that you can install into your home. These smart and safe devices are carbon monoxide detectors, door locks, thermostats, and fire detectors. It’s not just limited to these items either. Installing these items doesn’t need to be expensive either, on average the installation is less than $500. Smart home technology is slowly becoming the norm and may even be expected for many buyers. So it’s best to begin upgrading soon so your property value will jump up. 

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