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The Beat Storage Options for Your Garden

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A small plot of land, a patch of greenery or a large botanical garden, the size of the exterior does not exempt anyone from the chore of maintenance. While the beautiful days are emerging, we work in the vegetable garden, we prepare the garden for our long summer evenings. However, we also need the equipment and accessories to make it happen. You may want to look at a new spade or look at the best weed eaters for you for example. Garden sheds, outdoor cabinets, trolleys on casters, wall shelves or even two-in-one chests, there are many solutions. But what is best? 

A wooden shed to store your garden tools 

When you have a lot of gardening equipment and a lot of land available, you might as well fall for a garden shed. Admittedly it is a significant investment, but these arrangements are able to contain a whole bunch of objects; from small utensils to maintenance machines. Even a ride-on mower can fit there all year round. Wooden models are recommended for their robustness and longevity, moreover they can be painted, stained or just customized. Pvc shelters are a little more fragile than woodlands but offer unbeatable prices. Be careful, if these products are suitable for large outdoors, they should be avoided in a small garden, otherwise the little space available will be swallowed up.

Oakland garden shed

Fatty plants, vegetables from the sun, red fruits or exotic shrubs, some plantations like to thrive in greenhouses. Instead of accumulating imposing fittings, why not allow yourself a multifunction model? Today there are greenhouses with integrated storage and enough space for a gardener's workbench, in short the ideal combination of growing space and storage. More or less wide shelves or a cabinet, the storage methods vary depending on the model. With its glazed part and its hidden workshop, the new generation greenhouse is likely to seduce more than one: it is the ideal place for any gardener who wishes to isolate! Installed at the bottom of the garden, it passes for a mini auxiliary house

Cabinets for outside storage 

Less imposing than a garden shed, the outdoor cabinet has many advantages. Most of the time it is divided into two sides: on one side a series of shelves for small objects, on the other a part reserved for spades, shovels, rakes and other forks - so many tools that are difficult to store account held up their sleeves. To double the capacity of this storage, it is even possible to attach hooks or removable baskets to the interior door. Like a beach cabin or a classic cabin, the garden cabinet is compact enough to be installed on a balcony. If you live in an area where bad weather is frequent, choose a water-repellent treated wooden cabinet. 

Not all furniture is made for wildlife, so don't try to divert indoor furniture for the outdoors. On the other hand, specialized brands are publishing more and more dressers dedicated to the garden. There are some for all budgets, in wood, pvc or metal. Some of these dressers even have a tray topped off, ideal when you need a surface to pamper your potted plants. Others have high shelves. These outdoor furniture combine storage space and find pride of place on balconies and in large gardens. 

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