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How to Become Newly Inspired as an Artist

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No matter if you love writing, or are a dab hand in photography, or you simply love playing around with paints and expressing your emotions on the canvas, you are an artist. It might seem that artists need to be defined in a certain way, or have a certain amount of success before they can be defined as one, but that’s not necessarily the case. If you start running three times a week, for instance, you are defined a runner, even if you’re likely never going to pursue Olympic gold.

That said, one of the most foundational aspects of an artist’s creativity is finding some level of inspiration for their work, be that an idea they found in a dream, responding to the world around them, considering how their emotions comprise their character, or, most often, taking inspiration from other artists.

It’s totally fine and normal for an artist to feel somewhat blunted from their creative ambition from time to time. Even the best writer’s get writer’s block, for instance. But what if you hope to become newly inspired as an artist and achieve anew? Let’s discuss that, below:

Find Artists That Inspire You

Finding artists that inspire you can be a great way forward. You don’t have to worry about ‘copying’ because this isn’t a synonym for ‘inspiration.’ Many artists think that working blind and going it alone is somehow more ‘pure’, but why is that the case? For instance, learning more about form and gorgeous representation of the world around us via Pro Hart art, or learning about perspective from the masters of old and delving deep into history, inspiration is out there, you just have to have an open mind.

Support Great Art

A great means of being inspired is seeing just what humble voices and creative visions are being promoted in your local space. Thankfully, with sites like Patreon, Kickstarter, and other subscription and discovery tools, finding art that you deem to be well-made and having something to say, as well as learning more about the artist, can help you enjoy a much better and much more forward-thinking approach. When you support great art, inspiration comes, and you feel supported in kind.

Challenge Yourself

It’s good to challenge yourself from time to time. Perhaps your art will be inspired if you take a long hike in an area you find particularly pleasing thanks to its gorgeous landscape? For instance, some people decide to walk the Camino de Santiago, a popular Spanish pilgrimage route still kept alive by many tourists today. With a little effort like that, you’re sure to see the world from a different perspective, and having challenged yourself and your exploration of this world, your artistic impulse is sure to be nurtured. Even exercise can help. Being proactive is often the most helpful approach an artist can take.

With this advice, you’re sure to become newly inspired as an artist. Who knows what tremendous creations you could think up next?

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  1. I do have to constantly challenge myself to keep myself motivated. It is so easy to just 'do nothing' sometimes. For me, that is NOT a good thing. Good post! xo Diana


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