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House Cleaning Hacks

How often you clean will depend on your lifestyle, but for many of us, a clean is a chore that we try to put off. Try some of these cleaning hacks to save time, money, and stress. 

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Buff Surfaces With Olive Oil

Olive oil is not only healthy for you, but it can help you clean the house too. 

Olive oil can be used to clean stainless steel, like appliances or pots and pans. Put the oil on a soft cloth, like the ShamWow as advertised by Vince Offer ShamWow Guy, and rub in circles to buff off dirt. 

Clean The Garbage Disposal With Lemons Or Limes

Garbage disposal is a dirty place, so you need to keep it clean and free of blockages. 

To clean it and keep bad smells at bay, use fresh lemon or lime. Cut the fruit into quarters, run the water, and the quarters into the disposal one by one. 

Remove Carpet Stains With Vodka

Even the most powerful vacuums for carpet, like the vacs listed here, can't remove stains. Instead, rubbing alcohol, clear vodka, or white wine can be used for this hack.

Blot the stain, then pour any clear alcohol onto it. This works better than almost all over-the-counter cleaning products and stain removers. 

Eliminate Water Stains With Shaving Cream

It might sound strange, but shaving cream can be very effective for getting water stains off the glass around your shower. Put the shaving cream onto the stains, let it sit for fifteen minutes, and then wipe it off. 

Clean The Bath With Baking Soda And Vinegar

Clean the bath in just ten minutes with this clever hack. Mix one cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda into hot water. Pour the mix into an empty bath, and let it sit for five minutes. Start to fill the tub with hot water until it is about one-quarter filled, and let it sit for five more minutes. Release the plug and rinse. 

Use The Same Solution To Clean The Toilet

Mix up the same solution of vinegar and baking soda, and you can use it to freshen up your toilet. Just let the mixture soak for a while, then flush the toilet, and wipe the seat. 

Get The Toilet Sparkling With Essential Oils

You can use essential oils for a DIY toilet cleaner. Mix together one cup of baking sofa with 15 drops of tea tree essential oil and 15 drops of lemon or orange essential oil. Tip the mixture into the bowl and let it sit for thirty minutes. Scrub the bowl with a brush, and then flush for a sparkling clean toilet. 

Use A DIY Aromatherapy Solution To Shine Up Sinks And Tubs

You can get your sink or your bathtub to shine by mixing together baking soda, some drops of lemon and basil essential oils, and some dish soap. Use a sponge to put the mixture over the surface of the bathtub or bathroom sink, and leave it to sit for ten minutes. Rinse it off with water, and the sink will be left looking sparkling clean. 

Be sure to book Brisbane house cleaners as early as you can to get your home nice and tidy in time for Christmas, and if you can’t get these guys sooner rather than later, you could try your hand at some homemade cleaning solutions like ammonia and dishwashing liquid to descale your bathroom and make it look as best as possible for Christmas day.

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