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6 Ways to Bond with Your Family More This Holiday Season

 Are you hoping to strengthen your family ties this holiday season? Try out these six creative ideas to improve your core relationships.

1.  Make a Time Capsule

A fantastic way to end the year and bond with your family is to create a time capsule. The first step in guaranteeing your time capsule is a success is picking a safe space to bury or leave it for several years. You'll want to ensure that rodents, water and dirt can't enter the capsule and damage the articles inside. Consider purchasing a stainless steel time capsule container made precisely for this purpose. 


Now for the fun part–as a family, determine what to include in your capsule. Should it just have memories of the year or the decade? Additionally, write down gallon milk and gas prices so you can remember back to the cost of living. If you get a newspaper, it might also be fun to include one in your time capsule.


Finally, you’ll want to set a timeframe for when you wish to reopen your capsule. Do you want to bury it for ten or twenty years? Make a note of where you keep it buried and put it on your calendar to open it as a family.

2.  Eat a Meal Together

During this holiday season, make an effort to eat a meal together with your family every day. When the family sits down to eat, everyone slows down and takes time to enjoy conversation and catch up. As you hear how each family member's day has gone, you learn more about each other and your bonds strengthen. This fosters better familial relationships and you can stay up to date on significant happenings in your family's life.


Another aspect to consider is preparing the meal together and then sitting down to enjoy it together. Children can learn how to cook a meal and appreciate any small role in the kitchen you assign. If you find sitting down for dinner every night is too tricky for the family schedule, try a family breakfast. As long as you’re eating together, that’s what counts!  

3.  Create a Family Cookbook

Fresh off of your family mealtime, why not try gathering all of your favorite recipes together and make a cookbook? During the holidays, we often think of turkey, but that isn’t the only option when it comes to compiling holiday recipes. Ask your extended family members for all their best, most unique or celebrated mealtime recipes.


For example, many people think meatless meals are flavorless and dull, but that is not true! When you compile a family cookbook with an array of ideas, you continue family mealtime traditions, and your children get to learn all sorts of new recipes.

4.  Start Family Movie Traditions

Why not adopt a new tradition this holiday season? Consider marathoning movies from a specific series like Harry Potter, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. Pick different holiday classics like Elf, Home Alone or The Grinch. Or maybe each Sunday, a different family member gets to pick another movie for the entire group to watch. Set the scene with appropriate holiday snacks like cookies and hot cocoa. 

5.  Curate a Family Playlist

A fun way to celebrate the last year is to create a family playlist. You can easily do so on Youtube or Spotify and have the entire family contribute their favorite songs from the past year. Pick one family member to act as a curator who can organize the songs and share the playlist once it's complete.


Make the playlist creation an event–you can play the songs for the entire family, exposing everyone to new music. Have each family member pick a song and explain their reason. Maybe the song helped them through a breakup or was their go-to song during workouts. Once the playlist is complete, it will likely be very eclectic in terms of sound and genre. But then, isn’t your family just as unique?

6.  Volunteer in the Community

While home for the holidays, a great way to give back to your community is to take time to volunteer. When you volunteer as a family, you get the added benefit of bonding with your loved ones. Because so many families in America face food insecurity, consider helping at your local food pantry or teaming up with a mobile pantry in your community. When you give your time and money to your community, children learn valuable lessons about social responsibility.

Enjoy the Holiday Season With Your Family

Because you have more time together over the holiday season, be intentional about spending quality time with your family. When you try any of the six ideas above, put down your phones to better engage with your loved ones. You’ll find you have a deeper and more quality connection as a result.

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