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Why Is a Detailed Push Pin World Map Important?

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A detailed push-pin world map is a must-have in your house if you enjoy exploring new destinations and your mind is always humming with new travel ideas. This stylish and one-of-a-kind map will be a great way to remember your favorite travel moments, assist you in planning future travels, and convey your personal travel story when friends and family visit.


There is a wide variety of wall maps on the market, so you may be wondering why you may need a comprehensive travel map with pins in particular. This article will help you understand why details are so important and why a map from Trip Map is the best option. While you'd assume there are plenty of solutions available, they're more elusive than you believe. To make your decision easier, we've compiled a list of the best world maps with pin items on the market right now.


Why Not a Conventional Map?


Why pins? You may be wondering why a map with pins in particular. Yes, I am aware that there are standard maps that can be purchased and those that can be scratched off as you travel. These are a fun way to start, but I don't think they're the type of display item you'd want to have at home.


You can't pin anything to a conventional map unless you're okay with a bunch of holes on your wall. It's more difficult to scratch the globe cleanly with the Scratch the World Travel Map, and you're confined to scratching out countries rather than marking somewhere specific or possibly marking areas differently based on where you've been and where you want to go.


The  Main Benefits of A Detailed Push Pin World Map


Of course, you can always go with a simple global map that only shows the world's countries and capitals. However, if you travel frequently, such a map will be ineffective. A detailed wall map is far more valuable because it may be used in many ways, such as:


Mark the locations you've visited with more accuracy. A thorough push-pin world map includes all of the world's countries and capitals and a significant number of large and medium cities, islands, water bodies, and other geographical things. As a result, you'll be able to pin not only the countries you've visited but also numerous locations within them. It is especially useful for people who travel frequently, enjoy exploring lesser-known areas or return to the same countries multiple times.


Make a detailed plan for your future trips. A detailed wall map allows you to mark the locations you want to visit in the future and plan the routes of your journeys with specified stops. You may always look over your detailed map to gain new trip ideas and find unique places to visit.


Use the map as a teaching tool. A comprehensive push pin world map is also an excellent educational tool. You can foster your child's curiosity and interest in the globe by hanging the map in a prominent location in your home. Use the map to mark the places you've been as a family, fantasize about future vacations, and learn some geography.


Which Push Pin World Map Should You Use? Regular or very detailed?


Our assortment of push pin world maps is always expanding. We currently have two different map layouts: ordinary (less detailed) and highly detailed. What distinguishes them? And are the differences significant?


Even without a close look, you can tell the difference between the two types of maps. If Antarctica is depicted on a map, it falls under the category of detailed maps. The proportions of the continents on the detailed map differ from those on the non-detailed map. The shape is one of the most important features, but it is not the only one. Many more cities, islands, lakes, rivers, bays, and other physical features can be found on the comprehensive map. At first glance, the detailed map may be the superior option; yet, for some, this map may appear to be overly detailed, not like a painting. So, which one should you go with? The advantages and essential characteristics of both types of maps are listed below. Hopefully, it will assist you in making your decision!




-      Less text on the map makes it appear more spacious and less visually cluttered.

-      Because of its shape and lack of words, it looks to be a painting or wall art.

-      Because the font on this map is wider, it can also be produced in a small format (85*60 cm).

-      There is additional room surrounding the continents - a good location to put photos or other trip souvenirs.

-      The map is ideal for folks who only visit a country once or twice.




-      It is densely packed with text and data, making it ideal for those who value precision.

-      It is more ideal for teaching children because it contains more geographical info.

-      It is advised for individuals who travel frequently and return to the same places several times; it is also recommended for those who enjoy islands.

-      This map has a lot of text, and the characters are small (but still simple to read!). As a result, we are unable to provide this map in its smallest format (85*60). If you intend to give the map to an elderly person or someone with poor vision, we recommend selecting the largest format (150*100).

-      Antarctica is marked on the map — for those who want to go even further!




As travelers, we are always looking for ways to carry a piece of our adventures, experiences, and, eventually, memories home with us. We do so by collecting magnets and pins and tiny and large objects to display at home proudly.


Putting up a large globe map with pins as a terrific way to picture wherever you've been, and everywhere you still want to go is one approach to bringing the world home.

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