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Chateau Haut Guillebot Rouge with Mini Cheeseball Truffles #Winophiles

The #Winophiles group is featuring affordable wines from Bordeaux, just in time for the holidays!  You will see some delicious wines and some ideas for pairing those wines listed below. But first, let me tell you about my wine choice and these delicious Cheeseball Truffles that I have made for an amazing little snack before our Thanksgiving meal.

Wines labeled Bordeaux or Bordeaux Supérieur are made from the traditional Bordeaux varieties that may have grown anywhere within Bordeaux. Compared to wines bearing the simple Bordeaux designation, Bordeaux Supérieur wines must meet more exacting production requirements for the age and yield of vines, ripeness of the grapes, alcohol levels in the finished wine, and final aging. (The designation is used for red and sweet white wines only.)

I chose a Chateau Haut Guillebot Rouge for the wine of choice for my Thanksgiving. This is a wonderful glass of wine at an affordable price, at $16 a bottle. The palate is full of red and black fruit and sophisticated new wood character. Smooth-bodied with super-soft tannins. Since this is a young Bordeaux, it does go well with roasted turkey.  This is a good wine to store for a few years, if you can.

I paired this wine with the strong flavored Mini Cheeseball Truffles that I made for the blog on Monday. You can find the recipe here.  The wine's youth allows it to let the flavors of the cheese come through. I found the pairing irresistible!  

Here are some additional wonderful, low-priced Bordeaux wines for the holidays!
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  1. I love this! I have always called these cheese truffles. Mini cheeseballs are adorable. Thanks for sharing your version, Terri.

  2. Perfect choice for pairing with those cheeseballs.

  3. Your cheeseballs look like a fun snack and so colorful!

  4. Mini cheeseball truffles and red Bordeaux - yes! Saving the recipe now...


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