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8 Christmas Family Ideas You Would Like to Try

Both children and adults are waiting for Christmas and New Year’s Eve because this holiday is associated with miracles. Why not imprint in your memory this winter in the family circle? In times of coronavirus outbreak, we want to stay closer to our dear and near ones. The best present for Christmas this year is the family video where everyone is happy!

Let’s take a closer look at the best tips and hacks you can use for such a themed and emotion-rich filming. Let’s dive together into the hot-topic family video ideas you can try with your parents, kids, brother, sisters, and other relatives!

#1 Video Greeting Card

What a marvelous idea to replace traditional postcards sent for the winter holidays with the Christmas video greeting card! Gather together next to the fir tree and be ready to share the hottest words for your near and dear ones. You will be able to send this video greeting card to relatives who live far from you, to friends, and to colleagues.

#2 A Christmas Family Clip

Select the Christmas song for background and think of what you are going to do in your clip. Shoot a funny story with Santa coming to your house or show how your family is decorating the fir tree. You can demonstrate the process of gift unpacking or the family dinner on New Year’s Eve. All is about your imagination!

The video can be some kind of love story if we speak about a couple in love. Besides the musical accompaniment for your clip, be sure that your background is aesthetically looking. Find cute ideas for Christmas decorations on Pinterest, Instagram, and other inspiring web resources.

#3 Winter Outdoor Family Video

Christmas is not limited to house party family gatherings (but it is also a good idea for filming) and opening Christmas Eve boxes indoors. Have a wonderful snowy day with your children, wife, a dog, and other near and dear ones in the street. Film how you are playing snowballs together or making a snowman. Laugh, smile, love, and capture a moment.

#4 Trendy TikTok Dances

If you follow today’s trends on social media networks, it is useless to say that TikTok and Instagram have popularized reels (short videos). People are used to:

       create clips about their funny personal experiences;

       film heart-touching love stories;

       have on-camera dances.

Christmas TikTok dances are especially popular among teenagers. That is why it is one of the best family video ideas for the winter holidays in 2021. Create a stunning mashup with short Christmas dancing clips (accompanying Jingle Bells, Last Christmas, or Jingle Bells Rock).

Additionally, you can use a side-by-side effect to repeat trendy moves together with your family members who are far away from you. Take a closer look at how to put two videos side by side and use your tandem dances on social media. Be sure that your family videos will become viral!

#5 Video Family Album

The New Year’s Eve and Christmas holidays are the best time to memorize all the bright moments in 2021. You can have plenty of funny and cozy photos with your family. Create a lovely video album to refresh your memory with the most wonderful emotions caught by the camera in the expiring year.

Use Canva templates and AI voices to make an eye-catching presentation with photos you love. Additionally, you can try video assembling effects to create one long clip with the most attractive shots. Some people are dreaming of saving in memory their professional achievements to thank 2021 for career opportunities.

But most families prefer clips where they gather together around the table, play games with children, and have joyful leisure time. Make the miracle yourself with the video album — send it to your grandparents, uncles, aunts you are missing!

#6 Christmas Photo Session Backstage

Many families decide on photo sessions once or twice a year. Why not film the backstage of your themed photo set? You may be in bright sweaters with deer or in gorgeous dresses and suits. Everything depends on your taste and fancies. But it is interesting to watch all the preparation or even the process later.

Catch your kids’ smile next to the fir tree or film love-full kisses of your parents sitting next to the Christmas decoration in the studio. This is an exceptional atmosphere that will warm you up after grey and exhausting days.

#7 Video Love Confession

Do you know that most gentlemen make proposals on Christmas or New Year’s Eve? These holidays are associated with love, miracles, and happiness. Your video love confession can be addressed to your soulmate, of course. Your lady would never forget this day for sure.

But one more touching family video idea is to declare your love to parents, kids, relatives on camera. Your confession will become the best present for your dear and near ones on Christmas. Even if thousands of miles are between your and your beloved family members, you can create an exceptional atmosphere with such a brilliant video.

#8 Christmas or New Year Video Report

If you are planning to celebrate the winter holidays in the family circle, you cannot miss such an opportunity to film your Christmas or New Year party together. Assemble all the funny reels into one video report. Film how children unpack their presents in the morning, how grandfather is dancing, how your pets are wearing Christmas outfits. This video will be special for sure. Put the camera somewhere in the celebration room and have a great time with your family! Cheers!

Be open to experiments, and do not hide your exceptional moments from the video camera. All the family video ideas described above are possible to bring into life with no complicated preparations and filming skills. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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