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How To Keep Your Belongings Safe When Traveling


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There’s nothing worse than going on vacation and having a lingering feeling of anxiety in the back of your mind. You’ve left things at home that are precious and valuable to you, and you’re worried that they might get stolen while you’re away. Home break-ins do happen, and some criminals will even watch a house for weeks, monitoring your activities before choosing to rob you. If they notice you haven’t returned for a couple of days, they might take their chances. 

So, how do you keep all of your belongings safe when you’re on your travels? A few solutions exist, but which one do you think is right for you?

Ask someone to house-sit

Housesitting is like babysitting, only without the baby. Basically, someone will stay in your home while you’re aware, ensuring that nothing gets stolen and your property remains safe. Friends or family might be willing to do this for you, meaning that any criminals will be put off by seeing that someone is actually living in the home. In essence, it helps you create the illusion that your home is occupied, even when you’re away. Obviously, the only problem with this is that you need to find someone that’s willing to house-sit for you. For some of us, this is easier said than done as our family may not live near us and our friends are busy. 

Move your items to storage

Another idea is to take your most prized possessions and move them into storage while you’re away. It’s very easy to find self-storage nowadays, and you can get units of all sizes that suit your needs and budget. If you’re only going away for a week or two, this is such an affordable and cost-effective way of securing your valuables. They’ll be locked away in storage units that are patrolled by guards and covered by 24/7 CCTV cameras. Even if someone breaks into your home, they won’t be able to leave with anything as you’ve stashed your valuables and wasted their time. 

Take the items with you

In some situations, the simplest solution is to take the items with you on your trip. This relates to small things that are very valuable to you - like jewelry. It might make sense to keep them with you where you know they will be as safe as can be. Of course, this only works if the items are small enough and appropriate to bring on your vacation. If not, you’ll have to debate which of the other two ideas will be better for you to try. 

Already, you’re starting to realize which of these ideas is the best one for you. If you live near family or friends, and someone is willing to stay in your house while you’re away, this is clearly the best possible solution. If not, you may have to use a combination of the other two ideas. Regardless of which route you go down, one thing remains certain: your belongings WILL be safe when you’re traveling.

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