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Adding Exterior Appeal: Ingenious Ideas For Homeowners

 Many of us cannot wait to get started with choosing paint colors and finding cushions and wall art when we move into a new house. It’s natural to want to put your stamp on the interior design, but don’t forget about the exterior of your home. Adding curb appeal will make you smile when you get home after a long day at work and it will also add value and make your property more saleable. If you’re looking for simple ways to spruce up the outside of the house, here are some ingenious ideas.

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Freshening up the paintwork is one of the most effective ways to transform the exterior of your home and create a smart aesthetic. Chipped, dull paintwork can make houses look old and unloved. A coat of paint can make all the difference. You can paint your own home, or you can enlist the services of a house painting company if you’re short on time, you don’t fancy climbing ladders, or you’re keen to make sure the finish is professional. Painting will brighten up the outside of the house instantly and make your home much more inviting. 

New doors and windows

If you have moved into an old house, or you’re in the process of revamping a home that you have lived in for many years, it’s beneficial to consider replacing the windows and doors. New windows are much more energy-efficient and they can also enhance the aesthetic of the building and improve security and noise reduction. A new front door is a surefire way to add serious curb appeal and it can also make your home stand out. There are several styles to choose from when shopping for new doors and windows. From traditional, rustic designs to cool, contemporary options, you can choose a style that suits your home and complements your taste. 

Driveways and paving

A worn, damaged driveway can make your home look unkempt, as well as increasing the risk of accidents and damage to your car tires. Replacing and repairing paving, tiles or concrete can make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic of your home and increase its value. Browse online galleries and get a series of quotes before you decide what to do with your driveway.

Plants and flowers

Adding plants and flowers to the outside of your home is an effortless, affordable way to make your home more welcoming and inject color and vibrancy. You can use planters, containers, buckets, baskets and window boxes to decorate patios, porches, terraces and driveways. Look for accessories that suit the style of your home, for example, hanging baskets and window boxes for rustic cottages and traditional homes and modern, oversized square and rectangular containers for contemporary houses. 

Picture from https://pixabay.com/photos/railing-porch-flowers-veranda-4525845/

Most homeowners get excited about interior design, but sometimes, we neglect the outside of our houses. If you’re keen to add curb appeal, there are some very simple steps you can take. Freshen up the paintwork, add plants and flowers and consider replacing old or damaged windows, doors and paving. 

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