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5 Creative Christmas Party Themes That Everyone Will Love

 There is nothing better than having all your closest friends and family members together on Christmas Eve. Kids enjoying grandma’s homemade cookies, your best friends exchanging gifts, and your parents sharing their fair share of pearls of wisdom. But if you haven’t had the time to plan a lavish party this year, don’t panic. There are so many fun and creative themes out there that require minimal planning at best. We’ve rounded up some of our top tips designed to help you find and plan the perfect party theme for your seasonal celebration. If you are a student and want to get started planning a party as soon as possible, EssayAssistant can help you with your remaining college assignments.


  1. Pancake Decorating Party

How does a Christmas-inspired dessert party sound? Instead of the traditional cookie baking day, host a fun pancake decorating party this year. Make a bunch of delicious pancakes beforehand and invite your crowd to join the decorating festivities. Besides being a unique theme for a Christmas party, it’s fun, you get to eat the treats and it will give your friends a chance to get creative.

Food Tip: Make sure to buy some Holiday inspired cookie toppings on your Christmas shopping spree this year and set up a decorating station equipped with icing, sprinkles, fruit, and candy.

Style Tip: Go festive, but comfy, as you will want to have the freedom to move while decorating your pancakes.

Décor Tip: Use any tree decoration you already own all around the house to create that special atmosphere. And to make your theme night more festive, add Christmassy cake toppers, edible glitter, and star-shaped sprinkles in the mix.


                                                                             Photo by Joseph Gonzalez on Unsplash


  1. A Tropical Christmas Party

You've already heard about Christmas in July parties, but now it's time to bring the summer vibes to December. If you are dreaming of warmer climates this winter, throw a fun beach-themed Christmas party and tell your guests to wear their best tropical-inspired outfits while ignoring the chilly weather outside.

Food Tip: Make some delicious tropical drinks out of exotic fruit, like pineapples, mangos, and citrus. Think fresh, tropical foods you’d love to enjoy on an exotic vacation.

Style Tip: Combine a Hawaiian shirt (or any colorful shirt you own) with flip flops and a floral skirt or beach shorts and you’re all set!

Décor Tip: Create Holiday décor (like the traditional wreath) but out of (or decorated with) beach-inspired accessories, like the colorful drink umbrellas, seashells or tropical leaves.


  1. Funky Socks Theme Party

If you are keen on throwing a themed party this year but you have no time for planning, this next one is for you. Instead of opting for the traditional Holiday gathering, try having a Funky Socks-themed party instead. The idea: everyone wears their quirkiest, most festive knit socks – and the best pair wins!

Food Tip: With such a unique party theme, untraditional, easy food like mini pizzas or cheesy meatball sliders work best.

Style Tip: As the name already says, funky socks are mandatory, so opt for a unique pair that comes in a fun and colorful print.

Décor Tip: Purchase a few pairs of the funkiest socks you can find and create Christmas-inspired décor for your house, like garlands or tree ornaments.

                                                                                      Photo by Kate Laine on Unsplash


  1. Christmas Cook-off Party

It’s simple: invite your friends to prepare and bring over their best dish. The tastiest dish wins and you and your friends all get to eat and vote. Besides being a great idea for a party, it’s an easy way to make sure that you will have enough food for the big night.

Food Tip: No need for any food besides your grandma’s award-winning apple pie – no pressure.

Style Tip: Something comfy, preferably with an elasticated waist! And keep it festive and Christmassy in classic red.

Décor Tip: The classic Christmas décor will do perfectly, but you can go extra and create fun cardboard party props, voting cards, and a cute backdrop for your celebration – and Instagram shots.

                                                                                  Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


  1. The Candy Sweater Theme

The Ugly Christmas Sweater theme is a classic, but we’re bringing you a twist. Instead of going down the overdone route this year, try the upgraded version of it – the candy sweater. The idea: decorate your sweater with festive sweets. The most creative takes the prize!

Food Tip: Finger food is the way to go here, as it’s easy to make and eat. No desserts are needed since you can always sabotage your opponent’s sweater and grab a sweet treat.

Style Tip: Use an old sweater – which you haven’t worn in a long time – and sew (or glue) a few candy canes and other sweets that go with the theme. For maximum effects, add red and green tree ornaments to your sweater.

Décor Tip: Since it’s a candy theme party, count on candy cane garlands, pretty festive cookies used as a display, and, of course, your masterpiece of a gingerbread house to match the sweet tooth theme.



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