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Great Gifts for Foodies

Do you know somebody who lives to eat? If you do, you should probably get them a gift that has something to do with food. There is no shortage of companies that offer food baskets and cookbooks. However, you should remember that a foodie is going to be more particular about such things than most people. There are a few gifts for foodies that are both unique and practical.


Mushrooms are one of the world’s most delicious and versatile foods. People will pay good money for truffles. The rich and nutty fungi are considered a delicacy around the world. Mushroom foraging tours are a very popular way to spend a vacation. Most foodies would love a mushroom-related gift.


A shiitake log grows mushrooms that your favorite cook can simply pluck off and put into food. The logs are salvaged from fallen trees in the forest. You can harvest mushrooms from these logs for up to three years.


There are truffle festivals all over the world, and any foodie would appreciate a gift certificate to one of them. You will not have to pay for plane tickets because these festivals happen everywhere. There is a truffle festival going on somewhere in the world all year long.


If the foodie you are shopping for likes to eat truffles and you simply can't afford a truffle festival ticket, you can get them a basket comprised of oils, pate’, and sauces that contain this delicious ingredient.

Cooking Attire

People who like to cook spend a good amount of time in aprons. Cooks also use oven mitts and pot holders more often than the ordinary person would. You can create a custom-made apron for your favorite foodie. You can also make a t-shirt proclaiming them a fantastic cook.


Some mass-produced aprons say things such as, “world's greatest chef” or “kiss the cook”. However, you want to make your gifts unique. Thanks to modern technology, you can design an apron yourself.


If you look on the internet, you will find several on-demand printing companies. These companies will allow you to upload an original design or create one using their tools. Printful ’s custom aprons are a popular option. They will print your design on the apron of your choice and mail it out to you.


These companies will also allow you to make hats and t-shirts. If the cook has a specialty, you can reference that on their shirt. You can also put images of their favorite food on a hoodie, hat, or pair of socks.

Food of the Month Club

There are a lot of companies that will send you a fruit, cheese, or wine of the month. There are genuinely fantastic and unusual food of the month clubs in the world that will wow the gourmet in your life.


One of the things a foodie always knows is the perfect beverage with which to accompany their meals. They probably already have a lot of wine. Why not get them a subscription to a tea or whiskey of the month club?  Both tea and whiskey make excellent companions for dessert and sweet entrees.


There are Southern food of the month clubs that will keep a food enthusiast in pickled peaches, Cheerwine, and hominy grits for a full year.


If your friend is a fan of pickled things, you can get a membership in a pickled item of the month club. They will receive a basket of a specific vegetable or fruit once a month for a year.


A membership to a monthly cheese club makes a great gift as well. You will want to make sure to select a club that specializes in artisanal cheeses, and offers unusual cheeses from small family farms and remote regions.


Not all foodies are gourmets. Some foodies simply love to try different tastes and textures of various edibles.


There is a peanut butter of the month club that is economical and will let your friend try all the different varieties of this popular and delicious spread. There are also retro candy of the month clubs for people who miss the sweet simplicity of their childhoods.


No matter what you decide to get for a foodie, you are certain to reap the benefits at the end when they cook you a fabulous meal, They will think about you whenever they use what you gave them and reciprocate with a gift that you will love.

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  1. You have some great ideas here. I love food, so I'd be happy with any of these.

  2. Great gift suggestions! My sister loves to cook, so I can check out these gift ideas for her upcoming birthday next month.

  3. I LOVE to cook, and I can say without a doubt that all of these are great picks. I love the food box idea.

  4. What fun ideas! I think it would be so much fun to grow mushrooms-- I may need to buy that for myself!

  5. These are great options for gifting for foodies. All of them sound good, but I really like the, "Food of the Month Club," idea.

  6. Richelle Milar4:38 PM

    Wow! This is such a really great gift idea! I’m sure my mother will love this so much

  7. I love giving (and receiving!) food related gifts. So useful and practical, but fun as well!

  8. These are wonderful gift ideas! I would like to receive some mushrooms!


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