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Single Serve Hazelnut Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa is my favorite drink. I drink it all year round. For the winter, though, I like my hot cocoa to be rich and deeply chocolate. I also like it to be quick and simple. For that, I make a Single Serve Hazelnut Hot Cocoa.

I'm joining up with other bloggers to share with you other wonderful hot chocolate recipes.  You will be able to enjoy the winter with a variety of hot chocolate recipes.  That makes me wonder, what's the difference between hot cocoa and hot chocolate?  I did a little digging and here is what I learned:

Hot cocoa is made from cocoa powder, sugar, and milk.  It is sweet and light in body and sometimes contains vanilla and spices. Think of envelopes like Nestle's. On the other side, hot chocolate is good quality chocolate chopped finely, melted, and added to rich milk.  Usually, vanilla is added, but no sugar is added as the chocolate is sweetened.

My recipe is most definitely hot cocoa because I start with a Keurig pod of hot cocoa. I make it with water and add vanilla, hazelnut coffee creamer, and a spot of sugar.  I stir it all together and enjoy it with a couple of marshmallows. 

Check out these other recipes and enjoy each one!

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  1. Perfect recipe for me. I love homemade hot chocolate but really only need one cup to satisfy my craving.

  2. I love flavored creamer for cocoa!! Yumm!

  3. Great idea to add coffee creamer!

  4. Sounds so full of flavor! I love that you used hazelnut creamer. Such a great idea!

  5. I'm always looking for a single serving cocoa recipe! Love this!

  6. Hazelnut is one of my favorites--and the creamer would make it even richer!

  7. Adding coffee creamer is a great idea! This is super easy and super fun!

  8. Thanks for pointing out the difference. Most people don't know. I love the hazelnut flavor in this one.

  9. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Nice post thank you Katie


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