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8 Luxury Vacation Trends to Anticipate


There’s a lot to be said for the benefits of an exciting travel experience, especially if you feel you’ve done everything already. And this bespoke approach is just the beginning. For the most part, globetrotters have been denied the one thing that makes them happy for the past few years, but hopefully, things will begin to change as we approach a new year and travel companies of all shapes and sizes help to revolutionize the travel experience. 

When it comes to luxury travel, there is often more room to move. Luxury travelers are not confined by the same restrictions as those who travel on a shoestring. But even the flashy hotels and fine dining can - eventually - get a little tiresome. So, what trends can luxury travelers expect to see in the coming months and years? Here are eight trends for you to anticipate. 

Conscious Traveling 

However long ago it might have been, your first travel experience changed your life. It helped you connect with who you are and learn more about the wide world around you. Along the way, though, many people forget about this. It stops being about learning, and more about getting likes on social media, which is why you’ll often see influencers posting only pictures of themselves in stunning locations, rather than the view itself. 

It is still possible to travel in luxury while also being more conscious of yourself. By being away from the industry for so long, you may have changed how you feel, and the next time you get away could take you back to that first time you stepped off the plane. 

A Sustainable Approach 

Similarly, you may have heard that 8% of carbon emissions globally are caused by travel. This puts anyone who is sustainably minded in a conundrum. You want to travel the world, but you also don’t want to contribute to further climate change and environmental damage.

You won’t be able to do anything about the plane emissions, but you can still give back through sustainable luxury travel. Community volunteer work is available all over, and you can also help areas that depend on tourism to rebuild following a lack of tourists and even environmental disasters. 

Getting Off the Grid

Getting off the grid hardly feels like a luxury experience. Many people associate it with living in a shack and growing your own potatoes. However, traveling off the grid is slightly different. Rather than join the millions of other tourists passing through international airports in Bangkok, Sydney, or Bogata, you can look elsewhere, off the beaten path, and where you won’t see anyone else. 

And the good news is you can still enjoy luxury in other parts of the world, arguably more so. You’re not battling for elbow room, and places like Himalayan spas will give you the wellness retreat you need. 

Staying Right Where You Are 

In some parts of the world, staying at home for your holiday is hardly considered a luxury adventure. Often, it is designed for those who don’t enjoy air travel or are trying to stick to a budget. But, you can always find luxury if you look hard enough, and it’s often closer than you think. 

Many people have spent the last two years embracing the staycation, and you can take it to the next level by buying a new or used luxury car from dealerships like Bayside CDJR that can make you feel like you’re traveling in style. Consider how the cost of a three-star hotel abroad can compare to a five-star =at home and embrace the power of the staycation. 

Taking Your Time 

Just like life, travel does not need to be enjoyed at a mile-a-minute pace. Many people who cannot get enough luxury travel have found that taking their time and going as slowly as possible allows them to get the most from every destination. 

This is because it is not about where you are going, but the journey you embark on. Rushing around too much is hardly the definition of luxury, and the luxury of going at your own pace is something you can - and should - always savor. As nice as it is to tick destinations off your bucket list, you will often find things you didn’t know you needed to see if you step on the brakes. 

Combining The Best of All Worlds 

Many people will opt for a single type of travel. This could be an adventure, like embarking on Northern Light tours, it could be luxury, it could be embracing the life of a tourist, fanny pack and camera and all. But, while each has its specific qualities, it also means you miss out on other slices of travel life. 

It is too easy to fall into doing the same things time after time and creating a hybrid experience will bring a welcome change to your travel experience. With this, you can still enjoy the luxury, but you can also get your heart racing, which will remind you why you travel. 

No More FOMO 

If you have spent the past two years cooped up inside, you have probably scrolled through Instagram and felt a pang of jealousy at anyone who is still managing to travel, despite the many restrictions. This can create a fear of missing out, but many travel brands are trying to shift away from this and instead bring in something different. 

This something different is the joy of missing out, where you embrace what you have done and seen. As impressive as some locations might be, wouldn’t you rather be the first to discover something else? 

A New Space 

Space travel has been in the news more often over the past few months than it has been for years. Jeff Bezos went to the edge of our atmosphere, as did William Shatner, and there are murmurs of the public doing the same, too. 

This is a type of travel that will only appeal to the wealthiest, but it is something to aim for if you are passionate about travel. What is more luxurious than being part of an elite group? If you can make it there, you’ll have an unforgettable experience. 

The Next Generation 

There will always be a place for travel in your life, and it’s always exciting to explore something different. While there’s plenty to love about training yourself, there are so many other luxury travel options to consider, and some might be more accessible than you ever imagined. 

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