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7 Incredible Dinner Recipes to Try This Week

 Families have so many chores — not just in taking care of the house, but through extracurriculars and meetings and playdates. When your week is particularly hectic, you don’t have much time to plan meals. Try including some of these meals in your plans for the week, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.


1. Lemon Chicken


You'll need a deep baking pan for this recipe, so the delicious lemon sauce doesn't leak out during the baking process. This lemon chicken relies mainly on a zesty lemon flavor and plenty of spices to bring out the full flavor of the dish. A pinch of sugar brings out the sweetness in the chicken.


The recipe is easy to follow, so it could be a good option if you have plenty of cooks in the kitchen to help you out. You can use lemon slices to add even more zest to the dish while baking. All around, this dinner should be a tasty meal you can enjoy with the people you love most.


2. Spaghetti With Lentils and Marinara Sauce


This recipe is great for vegetarian families, as it provides everyone with the nutrition they need, all wrapped up in a yummy sauce. Even if your family isn't vegetarian, you can enjoy this recipe for a “Meatless Monday” or as a quick and easy meal throughout the week. This hearty pasta recipe may just save you from eating something unhealthy!


This simple recipe requires you to have only the knowledge of how to cook pasta. Whole-grain pasta is the best choice for an added nutritional boost, but any pasta will do. Canned marinara sauce can help you save more time on this recipe, but don't forget to cook the lentils. They'll give your family a protein boost.


3. Scallop Rice Bowls


This recipe is a bit more difficult than the ones before it. Scallops are a great delicacy, but they can be expensive in many places. Consider saving this recipe for special occasions, like a birthday or anniversary, or use it to celebrate the coming of the weekends or a Monday pick-me-up.


The spices bring out the pure flavor of the scallops. This recipe may be too oily for some, so check your family's dietary needs before deciding on it. Eating these golden-brown scallops seared with spices can make your family feel like you're eating in luxury for a night. This recipe is best served with kale and other leafy green vegetables.


4. Bacon-Wrapped Steak With Lobster


This dish is one for the meat lovers. Your family can enjoy a decadent surf-and-turf meal with only a few spices. The flavors of the different meats speak for themselves, so you only need to worry about garlic powder and a couple of other seasonings to enhance their flavors. The buttery taste of lobster and the earthy flavor of steak blend seamlessly in this dish.


It may take a bit of skill to broil and sear the meats just right, but if you have an experienced chef in your home kitchen, it should be the most straightforward task. Remember to cook the meat according to your family's preferences rather than what you think would be best for the recipe. Only then can you ensure that your family will thoroughly enjoy the recipe.


5. Sheet Pan Roasted Root Vegetables


Vegan families will love and appreciate this tasty recipe that emphasizes eating your vegetables. If you think it may not be enough for your family, consider having it as a side and using a more filling main dish, such as meat or pasta, depending on your dietary needs. These flavorful veggies taste so great that you won't have to bribe your children to eat their greens.


This recipe is simple and can easily be done after a long workday. These vegetables have crucial nutrients to keep your family healthy and boost their immune systems. The light herbs and spices in this recipe bring out the rooty, earthy flavor — transforming the dish into something even those with the pickiest palates can enjoy.


6. Grandpa's Pasta Salad


While this recipe may not come from your grandfather, it's a recipe passed down in a family for generations — and for a good reason, since it's so unbelievably tasty. This recipe includes chopped pepperoni, black olives and several spices to jazz this pasta salad up from the dishes you're used to.


You can easily make this dish gluten-free or with any sort of pasta you wish. Pasta salads are great because you can make them in bulk, meaning that they're perfect for any family size or even larger events. Feel free to change the recipe to suit your family's dietary needs. As long as you keep the core skeleton of this Grandpa's Pasta Salad, you'll be delighted by its unique flavors.


7. Vegan Cobb Salad With Coconut Bacon


Sometimes, you need something quick for dinner. Huge salads don't take long to prepare, and they can feed everyone relatively quickly. They're excellent dinner options for a family on the go, ensuring that your family obtains the proper nutrition in a pinch. If you aren't interested in the vegan version, replace the coconut bacon with real bacon.


If you enjoy a medley of vegetables in your salad, this recipe is the best way to get all your daily vitamins. The recipe comes with a vegan “buttermilk” dressing, but you can substitute your own — along with different types of cheeses — if you don't want to adhere to a strictly vegan recipe.


Enjoy a Night of Food and Fun With Your Family


Cooking alongside your family may be one of the most fun experiences you can enjoy on a weeknight. Sometimes, you may want a more luxurious meal, but other times, you might want to follow a short recipe only. These meals are great for a family of any size, no matter what sort of cuisine you’re feeling like on any given night.


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    Wow! These are all really great and amazing recipes that I would love to try!

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    We love lemon chicken so much! I need to try making that sheet pan roasted veggies, looks too good 😍

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