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Wild Thing, I Think I Love Le Pont Bandol and Wild Caught Orange Roughy #Winophiles

This month the #Winophile bloggers are continuing the love with dishes that appeal to your romantic side!  Who says February is the only time for romance?  You can use these inspirational dishes any time you want to set the mood.  A big thanks to Wendy at A Day in the Life on the Farm for hosting us.

The #Winophiles are here to help you use and understand French wines better.  Each month we have a theme, typically around a specific grape or style, and we all share various wines we found centered around the theme.  Often there are food pairings to help you know what to serve with the dish.

"The Bandol wine region of France, located near the coast east of Marseille and Cassis, is one of Provence’s most internationally recognized wine regions and one of the very first to have its name registered as an “appellation”  in 1941.

Based around the fishing village of Bandol, west of Toulon, the Bandol appellation covers the production of 8 communes with silicon & limestone soils. Those soils and the warm, coastal climate are ideally suited for the late-ripening Mourvèdre grape which is the major varietal of the region. For both the red and rosé wines, Mourvèdre must account for at least 50% of the blend, though most producers will use significantly more, with Grenache & Cinsaut usually filling out the rest of the wine’s composition."  from bettertastingwine.com

I chose a Le Pont Bandol to share with you today.  This wine has soft tannins, it's earthy and juicy on the nose (meaning the first few whiffs of the aroma) and tastes of dark cherries or plums, and some spice. We served this with an orange roughy dish, which may seem a little odd, and yes, I think the wine was a bit overpowering of the dish. Le Pont Bondol also makes a rose, which may be a better choice for this dish.

Our fish dish was made using orange roughy on this recipe. The fish was delicious, my husband knows how to cook it, but the sauce was very light. With mustard and lemon, I felt like we would have had a more flavorful sauce.  Because the sauce was so light, the wine was a bit overwhelming.  Both were delicious, just not together.

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  1. Interesting note about the sauce being too light. I agree. It needs to match the heft of the wine to not be overwhelmed. Good call!

  2. This sounds like a lovely combination. I'll have to give LE PONT BANDOL a try!

  3. A good bottle of wine is always a must for special food. This wine sounds awesome.

  4. Orange Roughy is a favorite fish in our household. And although we are not wine drinkers the sounds of that wine did sound amazing.

  5. Sounds like a great dish. I don't like sauce being to light either. Glad to see you mention that.

  6. Perhaps I need to look for a Bandol Rose and give this recipe (which sounds delicious) a try!

  7. I'm sorry the pairing wasn't as nice as you had hoped. I think you are right about a Rose with that delicious fish recipe.

  8. The food looks good. I must admit, this is the first time that I've heard of Winophiles. And my husband apparently is a winophile. :) -LYNNDEE

  9. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Sounds like a great wine! I would love to try Le Pont Bandol someday 😍 I love fish, so will have to try this fish recipe as well!

    Everything Enchanting

  10. Richelle Milar8:16 AM

    Wow! That sounds like a really great dish that I should try! This is such a perfect combination

  11. Sounds like a beautiful dish. I can absolutely see what you say about the wine overpowering the dish with the light sauce, but I bet it would be perfect with the rosé.


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