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Hot Breakfast with Garlic and Basil Sausage and Herbed Scrambled Eggs

When you think of hot breakfast, what comes to mind?  For me, it is the warming feeling of a good egg dish, with hearty meats, biscuits and gravy, and crispy potatoes. This is the breakfast I used to order at my favorite breakfast spot, Lucy's, which was located in Columbia, Missouri.  Bob and I took Ashley there growing up and it was her favorite, too.  We were very sad when Lucy decided to retire. 

There's nothing that beats eggs and crispy hashbrowns from a diner, but Bob and I love to just cook a simple breakfast at home.  To help you have a wonderful breakfast, we are sharing our sausage recipe.  We shared our Herbed Eggs earlier and you can find that recipe if you click on the link.  Here's the sausage recipe we have grown to love.

It's full of garlic and homegrown basil, that we have dried and crumbled to flavor the sausage.  It has the taste of the sausage that Bob grew up with.  We hope you give it a go, too!

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  1. I am a fan of ANY breakfast sausage! Yours look very tasty!

  2. Love the flavor profile you chose for this sausage.

  3. Homemade sausages are the best. Am sure my hubby would love this for breakfast.

  4. My kids love this dish.


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