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Tips for Decorating Your New Home


Moving to a new home is incredibly exciting, and one of the best parts is getting to decorate all your different rooms. If you’re moving into a new-build home, you might have more of a blank canvas to work with. If you’re moving into an older home you could be looking at more of a redesign. Either way, you’ll need to start planning. If you’re looking for a few key tips to decorate your home, try getting started with these.

1 . Choose a theme

Decorating a new home can be plenty of fun, the first thing that you need to do is choose an interior design theme. An interior design theme will help you to create a consistent style throughout your home. There are plenty of different interior design styles to choose from, you might like minimal, contemporary, or rustic? Perhaps you’d prefer a shabby chic look? Maybe you’re keen to create an art deco-inspired home? Establishing your theme is the best way to get started. Going with a theme also makes it easier for your surface pattern designer to make sure their designs coincide with your theme!

2. Consider your color schemes

Once you’ve established your theme you’ll need to have a little think about your color schemes. You might like to keep a consistent color scheme throughout your house? Alternatively, perhaps you’d like to switch it up according to the room? When you’re choosing the right colors for your home it’s helpful to think about color psychology. If you’d like a peaceful and calming energy for your home, experiment with shades of green. If you’re looking for a vibrant feel, yellow is a great choice.

3. Plan key repairs

Perhaps your new home is a bit of a fixer-upper, if so you might need to plan out the key repairs. Remodeling your home can be expensive, you might not be able to get everything done all at once. Start with the key repairs, and go from there. You might find it easier to tackle one room at a time? Attempting too many home maintenance jobs at once can become a little overwhelming.

4. Find the right contractor

When you’re having repairs done on your home, you’ll need to choose the right contractor. Make sure that you do your research, checking both credentials and reviews. Compare prices, and ensure that you find a contractor who can meet your needs. You’ll need to balance your requirements and your budget. If you’re working from home, you’ll also need to think about how any building work might affect your schedule.

5. Consider an interior designer

Perhaps you’re struggling to create an interior design plan? If you need some support it might be a good idea to work with an interior designer. There are plenty of benefits to working with an interior designer, such as:

  • An interior designer can help you to find your style.

  • Designers know the best places to source materials and products.

  • They can support you with planning and budgeting.

6. Figure out your budget

Before you approach any decorating project it’s incredibly important that you figure out your budget. Having a budget in mind will help you to assess your costs and make savings. When you set a budget it’s easier to plan your design projects and keep your expectations realistic. Figuring out your budget is one of the best interior design tips you’ll get. If you’re keen to save money on your interior design. The following pointers may come in handy:

  • Consider purchasing second-hand furniture or decor items.

  • Try out a few upcycling projects.

  • Use houseplants as decor.

  • Shop around for deals & discounts.

7. Don’t forget the outside

Once you’ve finished decorating the inside of your home you’ll need to start thinking about the outside. When you come home at the end of the day you’ll want a property that looks nice and inviting. Somewhere down the line you might sell your home and move on. If this happens, curb appeal is incredibly important. 

There are plenty of ways to improve the exterior of your home. You might plant flowers, purchase ornaments, or re-paint your fences. The best way to make an impression is with an attractive front door. To learn more take a look at Renewal by Andersen front door installers. For other ideas to boost your curb appeal, consider the following:

  • Revamp your driveway.

  • Repair cracked paving stones.

  • Pressure to wash the outside of your home.

8. Get some inspiration 

When you’re decorating a new home, what you need is design inspiration. There are plenty of places where you can get interior design ideas. You might check out design accounts on Instagram, podcasts, or online magazines. For a few starting points, check out a few of these:

  • The Great Indoors: If you’re looking to make your house a home this is the podcast you need. Each week design experts Kate Watson-Smyth and Sophie Robinson get together to discuss the wonderful world of interior design.

  • How To Decorate Podcast: This podcast will teach you the skills you need to decorate your home. If you’re looking for some great ideas to get started, you’ll certainly want to tune in.

9. Decorate for wellbeing

Your home should be a haven of relaxation and tranquility. When you’re making your design plans, it’s important to keep wellbeing in mind. There are plenty of ways that you can decorate for wellbeing.

  • Ensure that your home gets plenty of natural light.

  • Use houseplants to decorate your rooms.

  • Scented candles and incense can help to create an ambient atmosphere.

  • Choose colors that make you feel uplifted.

10. Express your personality 

Decorating your home is a chance to express your personality. There are so many ways that you can express yourself using interior design. One option is to use the artwork. Beautiful art is a great way to transform your home. You might choose photography, sculptures, or paintings? When you’re choosing an art style must fit in with your furnishes and color schemes. There are plenty of other ways that you can express your personality with decor including:

  • Put up plenty of photographs.

  • Choose ornaments that you love.

  • Buy accessories in your favorite colors.

  • Create special areas (for example a reading corner or a space for yoga).

11. Take your time

Decorating a whole house can take some time. Be patient, rushing the process could mean you end up making mistakes. It’s a long-term project, and so you should draw up a realistic time frame, to get everything finished. A detailed planning process has many benefits including:

  • It’s easier to stay on budget.

  • You can create a timeline.

  • You can create floor plans to inform your decisions.

  • Getting organized is the best way to ensure the outcome you desire.

12. Create a hierarchy 

You’ve probably got plenty of re-design jobs that need doing. To help you get organized, it’s a good idea to create a hierarchy. Write a list of the jobs you need to do, and then put them in order of importance. Tackling everything at once is a surefire way to blow your budget. When you create a hierarchy, it’s far easier to stay on track.

Decorating your home can be fun, but it can also be stressful. To ensure a stress-free experience, planning is the way forward. Whether it’s choosing the right contractors, or figuring out your interior design style, there’s lots to consider. With the help of these twelve tips, you’ll create a beautiful home. Decorating is the best way to put your stamp on a new home, and feel comfortable there. From your living room to your garden space there are so many ways to beautify your home.

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