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Costly Mistakes People Make at Home During Winter


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Whether you love it or hate it, winter comes around once a year, every year. Not only does winter bring cooler weather, shorter days, and even snow, but it can also bring some fairly problematic issues that can damage homes, which might not have been considered or prepared correctly during the warmer summer months. This could range from failed heating systems to clogged drains and gutters, or not insulating your property leading you to use more energy to heat your home. If some of these issues are not dealt with correctly then you face the potential of some major property damage and costly repairs. This article will have a look at a few of the mistakes that people make at home during winter so that you can avoid them. 


Ignoring poor insulation and drafts

During winter it is common knowledge that you want to keep your home as dry and warm as possible. Something you need to consider is how well-insulated and draft-free your property is, not only for the sake of not spending your hard-earned money on unneeded energy usage but for your health and the structural integrity of your home. If you are not a DIY person you could get a roofing and wall insulation, window fitting, or garage door company to come and give you a quote, as these are the most common places you will lose heat from your home.


Not cleaning out your gutters

No one wants to do it, but luckily this job is only required once a year unless you are extremely lucky. Once all the leaves have fallen from the trees it is advisable to clean out your gutters as if you don’t, they will become blocked, and instead of diverting water away, they will pour any excess water down your property leading to damp issues within the structure.


Avoiding heating system maintenance

Generally, people don’t have their heating on all year, and as such, this can cause issues when finally turned on for the first time in the colder months. You don’t want to get to the point where you want to heat your home and then your boiler or other heating systems fail on you. So, ensure that before winter is upon you that you get a qualified professional out to check that it is all in working order and to maintain it.


Ignoring mold and condensation

Some living spaces suffer more from mold and condensation than others, this can just be due to a poor property build, it could also mean there is an unseen issue such as a burst/leaky pipe, or damp penetrating your property from the outside by not being sealed correctly. Mold can cause various health issues and should not be ignored, so if you see mold, it is advisable to figure out why it is there, and how to eliminate the issue causing it. This could be as simple as allowing a little airflow or getting a dehumidifier.


There are other things you should be mindful of before and during winter, but these are some common mistakes that you can avoid this year

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