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What Small Business Owners Can Learn From Successful Craft Breweries

Craft breweries have seen rapid growth in recent years. Therefore, as a small business owner, you can learn a lot from successful craft breweries regardless of the industry you work in.


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You Should Be Passionate About Your Business and the Products or Services You Sell

Craft breweries prove that small business owners who are excited and passionate about their products and their businesses are often more successful than those who are not.


In turn, passionate brewery companies attract a loyal customer base because the customers want to be a part of the love and passion that goes into a strong and welcoming brand.


Small brewery owners love their work and have fun in the process. It is undoubtedly their love of their high-quality products that help them to attract dedicated followers and be so successful.


Therefore, if you want your small business to be just as much of a success story, make sure you sell products that you are passionate about, rather than simply selecting products with the best profitability.

You Should Have a Strong Brand Identity

The branding of craft breweries tends to be very different from the branding used by globally-known breweries, as their target audiences are actually incredibly different.


Beer Snobs shares that owners of small breweries tend to come up with bold designs and fun names for their beers. In turn, that helps them to develop a strong and loyal customer base.


So, while looking at the branding of your competitors and learning professional design techniques can certainly be of help, if you want to stand out from the competition and offer something more unique than the big companies offer, come up with a strong brand identity.


That does not just relate to the designs you use. You also need to think about your business story and mission. The more you can appeal to your niche audience, the better.

You Should Use Industry-specific Management Software

The most successful small brewers understand that the business side of their operations is equally as important as the quality of their products.


Like other businesses, craft breweries need to ensure they have effective workflows in place for optimum efficiency and productivity.


Therefore, they use brewery production management software like that from Ollie, which assists them in managing their brewery production, order processing, payments, inventory, customer relations, and more, using one single platform.


You should look at using industry-specific management software for your small business if you want to improve workflows and increase productivity. Moreover, to enhance your sales processes and boost revenue, consider how you can improve sales with digital sales rooms. These platforms offer tailored solutions to streamline sales activities and enhance customer engagement, ultimately driving business growth.

You Should Collaborate with Other Small Businesses in Your Industry

One thing that owners of craft breweries do that most business owners do not do is collaborate with other business owners in their industry.


There has recently been a rapid increase in craft breweries collaborating with one another in an I’ll-scratch-your-back-and-you-can-scratch-my-back manner.


For instance, some small breweries work together to create unique beers that are outside of their typical styles.


Craft brewery owners are not as interested in competing with one another as much as large brewing companies are. So, learn lessons from craft breweries and look at options for collaborating with other small business owners in your industry.

You Should Look to the Future and Evolve Your Range of Products or Services

Owners of successful craft breweries are always paying close attention to how their customers’ tastes are evolving and looking at seasonal opportunities to introduce new beers with new flavors.


They understand that what sold well last year will not necessarily sell as well in the coming year. Their customers like variety and trying new things. So, you should look at ways in which you can evolve your range of products or services and be more innovative within your small business.

What have we learned?

As we have seen, it can be very useful to learn lessons from successful craft breweries. So, what have we learned?


Well, firstly, the craft brewery industry has proven that small business owners who are passionate are often very successful. By operating a business that your heart is invested in, you could achieve more success.


We have also learned that if you want to stand out from your competitors, you should offer uniqueness and come up with a strong brand identity.


The third lesson was ensuring you use industry-specific management software in order to improve workflows and increase productivity.


Fourthly, one thing that is unusual about the craft brewery industry is that the businesses within it tend to collaborate with one another more than they compete. So, you should look at options for collaboration in your sector.


Finally, remember to always evolve your range of products or services and find ways of being more innovative.

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