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The Heartfelt Value Of Slowing Down In Life

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It’s very easy to go at a million miles an hour in life, or at least, to find yourself in that position and get used to it. Many people think that being busy all of the time is a virtue, but those who have to live it know that being able to sit down in peace is all they wish for. That said, if you’re used to being productive, caring for people, or staying busy, when you do sit down you feel restless, and may be unable to stay seated for long periods.

As such, and as strange as it sounds, it might just be your solemn duty to relax and focus on slowing down for a while. This can be as “productive” as anything else in terms of what it can do for your mental and physical health, and how it can help you relate and relax to and among other people.

In other words, learning the heartfelt value of slowing down in life can be tremendously worthwhile. But how can we do that, purposefully, and with direction? Let’s consider that below:

Consider Putting A Fire Pit In Your Garden

Crafting a fire pit in your garden can be a great central piece to place furniture around, for long comforting nights talking with friends, or roasting marshmallows on the best firewood to warm you up. First, consider the fire pit’s construction. This can be as simple as a portable metal fire pit or as elaborate as a custom-built brick or stone structure. Once your fire pit is ready, gather some wood, kindling, and matches. 

You should also have some comfortable seating and blankets on hand, as well as any other supplies you might require (like marshmallows, hot chocolate, and other comforts). Once you have everything you need, simply light the fire and enjoy the warmth and light of the flames.

Muscle Relaxation To Relaxing Music

To begin practicing progressive muscle relaxation, tense the muscles in your toes and feet, hold the tension for a few seconds, and then slowly release. Next, work your way up to your calves, thighs, buttocks, and so on, tensing and relaxing each muscle group in turn. Pay attention to the sensations of tension and relaxation as you move through the muscle groups, and try to let go of any remaining tension as you move through each one. Doing this in bed or when sitting down after a long day of work can help you soothe into your comforting cushions, and help you focus more easily.

Fall In Love With Reading

Remember that reading can and should be enjoyable. You don't have to think of it as a chore or something you must do for your mental health. To get into reading, choose a genre or topic that interests you, set aside dedicated time for reading, choose a comfortable and quiet place to read, and consider trying an audiobook or finding a reading buddy. There are countless options to choose from, whether you prefer fiction, nonfiction, mystery, romance, or something completely different like the memoirs of people you respect and enjoy listening to. Making reading a regular part of your routine will allow you to reap the many benefits that come with it. Also, it's difficult to read fast, so you'll be relaxing regardless.

With this advice, you’re sure to find and express the heartfelt value of slowing down in life.

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