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11 Dog Essentials Every Dog Owner Needs

 Living with a man's best friend is bliss and a not 'so-easy' feat. With all the love and joy that your dog brings, you must be able to give your fur friend the best life that he can have in return. The awesome thing is that there are measures you can take to make your dog's life way healthier, happier, and even longer. Proper care and the important stuff go a long way in achieving that "best dog life ever."

Dog Essentials That You Need

Beyond giving your dog the basic needs, going the extra mile to provide a few other essential products would make your pet's life better and fun-filled. Here are fifteen from a wide variety of dog supplies for New Zealand pet owners to consider to make dog ownership more convenient and carefree.

1. Airtight Dog Food Storage

Keeping dog foods clean and fresh is a priority to avoid the slightest health problem for your pet. To achieve this, get your hands on one or two airtight pet food storage that keep unwanted bugs from spoiling your dog's favorite meals and treats. You can get a hold of durable and conveniently stackable containers that preserve the safety and freshness of dog foods while keeping pests out.

2. Quality Dog Collar And Leash 

A dog collar and leash should be among your priorities if you own or plan to have one. These two should come hand-in-hand when bringing your dog for a walk outside. An appropriately sized collar and a good leash give you better handling when training your dog to be a good boy or girl. You can personalize these two to suit your convenience and your dog's.

3. Flea and Tick Medications

Flea or tick infestation are two of the most common problems for dog owners. To easily eliminate this problem, ensure effective medications are always in stock. You may use topical medicines you can apply monthly to eliminate this infestation. Or you can opt for a longer-lasting flea and tick collar that could protect your dog for up to eight months without constantly changing.

4. Washable Set Of Bowls

Of course, your dog needs their bowls for water and food to savor every meal. The most common that you can have is a stainless steel bowl with a rubber base that prevents it from skidding. Or you may want to get your hands on a ceramic bowl to avoid mess while your hyper pet munches its food. Any of these bowls are convenient enough to put into the dishwasher after each use.

5. Appropriately-Sized Dog Crate

There is a need for dogs to take enough sleep to stay healthy. And a dog crate can help you impose a mandatory nap time for your dog. Dog crates are also helpful in training your pet and keeping them in place while you're sorting out their mess around the house. The crate may also serve as shelter while you can’t keep an eye out and worry your pet may mess around the house.

6. Long-lasting Dog Toys

No dog owner should forget about dog toys. As a dog favorite, toys could take your four-legged best friend into their happiest state even when you are busy with something. Dog toys keep your pets occupied on their own. When out for play, these colorful products are also your best companion as these get your dog's attention every time. 

7. Pet Grooming Set

You just can't let your dog look dirty and sad, can you? Part of dog ownership is learning how to make your pet always look shiny and beautiful on your own. Good grooming essentials include dog shampoo, conditioner, and a brush for healthy and strong hair. You can use a tooth essentials kit, nail clippers, hair trimmers, and other products for grooming at home. Also, if your little one has a smelly dog bum occasionally, you will want pet wipes to keep them smelling fresh.

8. A Comfy Bed

One thing is for sure; dogs love to sleep. And for your dog to achieve good sleep, you must also give him a comfy space to nap on– like a bed. You can buy a soft cushion where your dog can lie anytime. Or, if you are afraid that your pet will only tear it, you may choose to do good with an elevated dog bed instead. 

9. Retractable Baby Gate

Putting your pet in one place can be challenging, especially during the day. Solve this by installing a baby gate around doors to keep them from going to places you do not want in your house. Baby gates can be placed around conveniently; you can put them in different doors of your house. Although, you must ensure the gate is high enough for your "fur baby" to not just jump over it.

10. Portable Dog Water Bottle

Have a portable dog water bottle if you always enjoy bringing the dog for a walk or adventure. This product makes for a safe and convenient hydration companion for your dog that's always on the go. It will save you time finding a water source outside and prevent your dog from drinking unsafe water.

11. A Supply of Poop Bags

Poop bags aren't just essential but also a necessity for responsible dog ownership. When you let your dog out for a short walk or a hike, always bring a poop bag to avoid contaminating the surrounding. Dogs are all adorable, but they shouldn't be going around leaving some unwanted trace.

Essentially The Best Dog Life

While most of a dog's joy comes from its owner's love, giving them what they need also speaks affection. A dog's life isn't sophisticated, but if these essential things would make them live much better, you should have them. These products are tailored to your dog's needs; hence, having them without them may just be a bit boring for them, and you don't want that, do you?





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