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5 Ultimate Fashion Tips for First Date: How to Choose the Best Outfit to Win His Heart


The first date is always full of anticipation. Your mind will wonder, whether you will have a good time or not, whether the spark you expect will live up to your expectation, not to mention the worry that you will feel because you want to make sure you look good on your first date.

The first date can leave any woman full of dilemmas. Because it is indeed the main decisive quo, on whether the relationship will go to the next stage or not. Thus why it's so important to ensure you will have a memorable first date. 

Just like any woman in general, you will want to make a great first impression. Not only from the conversation but also through your look and outfit that you have prepared in advance. To ensure you will have a successful first date, you should follow the tips below to dress at your best, thus you will look good and comfortable at the same time!

  1. Wear outfit that describes your personality

First dates can be full of nervousness, so try not to add more to your worry by choosing an outfit that is so not you and instead will make you feel uncomfortable. It is not true that most men will prefer women who look trendy or sexy. If it's not your style, then you should not push it. 

If you are not used to skirts or dresses, you can choose casual pants or jeans that make you feel great. To add something more to your outfit, you can mix and match it with great shoes or accessories to make it look fresh and great!

Keep in mind that you don't need to be someone else on your first date. You should dress as yourself and don't try to alter your personality and style just because you are on a date. 

  1. Don't wear a complicated outfit

On your first date, usually, you and your date won't know each other well. Thus you are still in the stage to get to know each other. Still, in line with the first point, you should not act unlike yourself just because you want to impress your date.

Usually, girls will think that a beautiful-looking outfit can add more points to themselves, thus you opt to wear clothing that looks beautiful and fashionable such as lace. When actually, lace clothing will only make your skin feel uncomfortable, especially when your date took place in an outdoor area. Can you imagine the heat that makes your sweat profusely? Definitely not comfortable! Not only clothing, but you should not also swap your favorite sneaker for wedges or heels that are too high, just because you think your date will appreciate it more when you look like that.  

  1. Adjust to the place you're going

Making sure your outfit is suitable for the place you're going is also very important. Don't get the costume wrong, or you'll end up making yourself uncomfortable.  If you decide to go to an open space restaurant or cafe, choose a streetwear-style outfit that will give a beautiful and cool impression to you.

If the first date is held in a luxurious place like a classy restaurant. Use an outfit that can make you elegant, but still comfortable to wear. It is important to ensure that your clothes will look good on you, while at the same time, allowing you to move freely.

  1. Mix and match with the right color

When you are about to go on the first date, it is better if you avoid outfits with too bright colors such as red or neon. Colors such as pastel, white, or even black are much safer to use on a first date. These colors emit a positive aura that makes other people comfortable. It will also make you look charming, elegant, impressive, and warm. Neutral and soft colors will also be suitable to be used on every occasion.

  1. Avoid too glamorous outfit

If you don't know where your crush will bring you for the date, it is better if you do not assume and thus end up wearing clothes that are too glamorous and formal. Because you may end up going to places which won't be suitable with a formal outfit. 

When going on a first date, you can wear clothes with simple designs and minimum motifs. Also, to be on the safe side, avoid wearing too many accessories, or mixing and matching too many colors for your outfit choice.   

The main key to a successful first date may not solely depend on your outfit. Because the most important thing is to ensure that you and your date will have quality time together. You should also use this time to check out whether you will be a match with each other or not. 

But your outfit choice also plays an important role to impress your date, and steal their breath away. Not to mention, wearing clothing that makes you feel good can also spark confidence within you, thus you will have more courage on your first date. If you'd like to take it up a notch, you can also visit a dental expert like this dentist in Downey a day before your date to have your teeth whitened.

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