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7 Fun Leeds Fitted Kitchen Summer Trends For Your Home

The kitchen is the hub of the home and where friends and family tend to gather. As such, your Leeds kitchen requires the necessary bespoke options to ensure it remains on par with current trends while retaining functionality. Your guests will doubly feel welcome when your kitchen has the ability to strike the precarious balance between style and usability. This summer, give your kitchen the makeover it deserves and consider implementing one of the top trends this season! Need help decorating your kitchen? Visit this Kitchen Showroom in Leeds now.


1. Welcome The Outdoors Inside


Fresh potted herbs and tropical plants are a fantastic way to infuse some outdoorsy energy into your kitchen space. It adds vitality and a touch of summer while also serving the purpose of cleaning indoor air. Of course, most houseplants require direct natural lighting to thrive, which is why installing skylights is a great way to provide the ideal growing environment.


2. Create A Focal Point With Stone


Natural materials will always remain a popular option in Leeds kitchens, but natural stone is a great way to make a modern statement in the space. From solid marble worktops to splash backs that dazzle and impress, you can easily infuse your kitchen with plenty of summer style! You can even opt to add interest to your cabinets by choosing burnt oak or slate cabinets to pair with the stone worktops. Even if you choose to keep your existing cabinets, changing the worktops can modernize the kitchen while improving the overall usable space available for prep work.


3. Metallic Glamour Enhances Personality


Metallic accents are a fantastic way to add a touch of glamour and also enhance the focal point in the kitchen environment. For example, a mottled metal mirrored splashback is a great way to add the aforementioned glamour while also infusing personality into an otherwise mundane kitchen. The reflection of light adds a Mediterranean feel to the kitchen while also making it appear much larger thanks to the optical illusion it provides. Of course, no one can also ignore the importance of selecting cabinet hardware that looks perfect when paired with these splashbacks. Chrome or gold hardware options further the feeling of metallic glamour while making the space truly your own!


4. Hide Those Appliances!


Many kitchens have now evolved into multi-purpose areas where homework assignments are completed and Zoom calls are carried out. As such, many homeowners are finding that hiding appliances behind cabinets are a great way to create a blank slate and a backdrop for all of their visitors and for handling phone calls. Keeping appliances hidden from sight enables the kitchen to become an extension of your living space without causing an eyesore. This is especially worth considering for older appliances, or those in black or white. Hidden appliances have long been associated with luxury and glamour, which is why making this update to your kitchen can doubly impress everyone you know by showing them how sophisticated your kitchen has become!


5. Alfresco Dining Linked To The Outdoors


Spending time outside with chilled wine on the patio is a great way to catch up with friends and family, which is why this trend helps create an environment where the kitchen and outdoor space are inextricably linked. For example, wide bi-fold doors are a great way to enhance the outdoor view while also allowing your family and guests to easily move back and forth between the two spaces. Additionally, when selecting outdoor furnishings, it's essential to opt for options that are easily mobile and can be rearranged at will to make it easier to access the outdoors from inside of the kitchen. By having the seating placed outside, you can ensure that your kitchen feels light and airy while providing the ideal environment for cooking delicious meals.


6. Kitchen Islands


Though kitchen islands are hardly considered a new trend, they're even more popular than ever before! Islands with wine coolers and a venting hob are a nice addition to the kitchen, allowing easy use of the amenities inside. Plus, comfortable bar seating options can help transform the kitchen island into a bustling hub of entertainment while eliminating the need for an additional dining area. This is an especially novel idea for kitchens that are tight on space but require plenty of entertaining room for guests. Not only are kitchen islands impressive, but they also increase the amount of worktop space available inside of the kitchen.


7. Tranquility Is Always Trendy


Though moody or atmospheric kitchens are always on-trend, many homeowners are finding that tranquil Scandi-inspired spaces are also more peaceful. White and blue are often the choice colors as white enhances the illusion of space while blue is a great way to ground the design. Adding in some light-colored wooden accents can further add a Scandinavian-inspired feel to the design while keeping the look light as air.


The summer months come and go quickly, but the ideas outlined above aren't just trendy for the warmer months of the year, but rather, year-round. You can infuse life, energy, and interest into your Leeds kitchen by choosing to incorporate some or all of these popular trends. If anything, the pandemic has taught us that our homes are more important than ever before, therefore, functionality isn't something anyone should readily choose to compromise on. 

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