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2023 Investment Trends Likely to be Profitable

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You may or may not be considering crypto investment right now. But there is always a risk and the chance of losing money, as the past 9 months show. And a bad swing can be devastating. But if you aren't sold on crypto, here are some other 2023 investment trends to consider. To stay ahead of the curve in investment trends, consider leveraging professional mobile development services to enhance your digital solutions and attract more tech-savvy investors. 

Group and Leisure Activities

Coming out of the pandemic means parties and leisure are booming. Delayed events are still going forward, even a year later. And this doesn't refer only to birthdays and weddings but group activities that families, friends, and coworkers love to do. For instance, escape rooms are trending and have been for some time. So, if you have some spare capital, you can take advantage of this and open a PanIQ Escape Room franchise in your local town or city.

Wedding and Party Catering

As mentioned, many events were delayed during the worst of the pandemic, as we were forced to lock down. But as we venture into 2023, even now, some of these still haven't gone ahead. As such, there is a backlog of 82% of weddings that were planned. And because of this, many catering firms also went out of business. However, new ones are popping up to fill the gap. Therefore, now is a great time to invest some money into the wedding party catering industry.

2023 Investment Trends Includes SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is a vital part of web development, online business, and blogging. And although AI is being used by many companies to flesh out content quickly and easily, AI doesn't do the SEO work required. As such, it cannot become more of a necessity than a human being. At least for now. Additionally, business leaders don't have the time to learn SEO. Yet they understand the value of it. And as such, they will pay a lot for top-tier SEO services.

Personal Fitness and Health Trainers

Gyms are a good place to socialize with like-minded people in fitness. But a lot of people don't like to go to the gym for various reasons. These include embarrassment, low confidence, and fear of sexual harassment. But most people also don't have the time. Because of this, personal fitness programs and businesses are becoming more popular. These include one-to-one training with qualified instructors. But also virtual training sessions such as Peloton spinning.

Mobile App Development

It was only going to be a matter of time before mobile app development became as easy as 1,2,3. As WordPress, Wix, and GoDaddy did for web design, you can also use "no code" apps for developing your own app these days. It's a burgeoning industry, with platforms like Appy Pie, Bubble, and Backendless leading the way. You can also invest in traditional services for mobile app development, only hiring highly skilled and talented coders to develop your brand.


As we come out of a bad global economy, there are some 2023 investment trends to be aware of. These include activities like escape rooms, SEO services, and mobile app development.

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