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Oven Roasted Pancetta Brussels Sprouts

Taste Creations comes to you this March with "green" food, to help you celebrate the Spring and perhaps even Saint Patrick's Day!  These Brussels Sprouts will be fantastic on your Easter table!

Here are some tips that will help you serve up the most delicious Brussels sprouts ever:

☘  Choose bright green heads.

☘  Choose smaller heads for a sweeter taste, the larger ones are more cabbage-like

☘  Choose heads that feel firm, not loose.

☘  Brussels sprouts are rich in vitamins K and C. 

These other green dishes might inspire you too! 

 ☘  Nikki from Tikkido made Moss Cake.

☘  Rosemary from Breads and Sweets made Frosted Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes.

Lauren from MomHomeGuide.com made Matcha Shamrock Cake

See you in April!

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  1. Anonymous5:01 AM

    I could eat a mountain of this! No need for any other dishes this easter, just roasted pancetta brussels sprouts, please!

  2. Anonymous8:52 PM

    These Brussel sprouts look perfect! My family loves Brussel sprouts!


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