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20 Fun Ways To Boost Your General Knowledge


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Improving one’s general knowledge doesn’t have to involve taking courses or reading essays. There are many fun ways to become more knowledgeable. Below are 20 examples.

Explore a range of documentaries

Nowadays, there are documentaries available on a wide range of subjects. Watching these docs can be a great way to improve your knowledge on all kinds of niche topics from the criminal justice system to marine life. Streaming services have plenty of documentaries to explore including docu-series. 

Tune into game shows

There are many game shows where contestants are tested on their general knowledge. Watching these game shows can help you to pick up all kinds of trivia. Popular examples include Jeopardy, The 1% Club, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and The Chase.

Watch YouTube video essays

You’ll find video essays on YouTube that delve into all kinds of niche topics. These can often be a humorous and entertaining way of broadening your general knowledge. Just try to stick to YouTubers who have a good reputation so that you can be sure you’re getting accurate information.

Find movies based on true stories

Movies based on true events can teach us a lot about history and culture. It’s true that some of these movies can exercise a degree of artistic license. However, many are accurate when it comes to retelling the important details and may prompt you to do your own private research.

Take part in trivia nights

Trivia nights are commonly hosted in bars and can often be a fun way to expand one’s general knowledge. These events typically involve forming teams and answering a series of questions that are usually divided into different rounds and categories. 

Listen to the radio

Listening to the radio is another great way to expand your general knowledge. The most obvious trivia you can learn from the radio is music trivia. However, many radio stations have news segments and debate segments that can enable you to learn about all kinds of topics.

Check out different podcasts

Podcasts are audio programs broadcasted on the internet. You’ll find podcasts that delve into all kinds of niche topics. Like listening to the radio, podcasts can be a great way of expanding your general knowledge while doing other activities like driving and working. 

Follow educational social media accounts

There are a vast number of social media accounts dedicated to sharing facts and insightful threads on all kinds of topics. Following these social media accounts can allow you to learn all kinds of new things while scrolling. Just male sure that you follow trusted social media accounts

Solve a crossword

Crosswords can also help teach you all kinds of trivia. The puzzles involve identifying words based on clues. You can find crosswords in newspapers and activity books. You can also solve a crossword using various sites and apps. 

Play Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is a board game centered all around trivia. Players can play individually or form teams and must compete to win different colored pieces of pie by answering questions in different categories. Along with standard Trivial Pursuit, there are various themed versions.

Collect Top Trumps

Top Trumps is a popular card game in which players draw cards and read out stats. Each pack of Top Trumps is themed around a different subject from cars to dinosaurs. They can be a fun way to learn all kinds of trivia about various niche subjects. 

Download quiz apps

There are several apps that can test your general knowledge via quizzes. Examples include Quizoid, QuizUp and Trivia Crack. These can be played solo in your free time. Alternatively, you can use these apps to host quiz nights, allowing you to test the general knowledge of your family and friends too.

Visit museums

A trip to a museum can be a fun day out, and a great opportunity to learn all kinds of new things. There are museums out there dedicated to history, science, nature, art and various other subjects. Via artifacts and interactive exhibits, you can expand your knowledge in an exciting and memorable way.

Have a day out at the zoo

A day out at the zoo can meanwhile be one of the best ways to learn about wildlife and geography. Zoos typically have informational boards and talks that can teach you all kinds of facts. Public farms, aquariums, wildlife sanctuaries and safaris can also be great opportunities to learn about animals. 

Connect with other cultures

Getting to know people from other cultures could give you access to their world. By taking part in events or simply talking to them about their lifestyle, you could expand your cultural knowledge - which could include a better understanding of different races, religions, sexual orientations, customs and cuisines. 

Try new foods and recipes

The best way to build your culinary knowledge is to try new foods. Dining at different restaurants can introduce you to different dishes. You can also try making dishes at home using online recipes. This could introduce you to new methods of cooking and new ingredients. 

Travel around the world

Travel may not be the cheapest way to build your knowledge, but it can give you first-hand knowledge on a broad range of subjects. Through travel, you can expand your knowledge of geography, history, wildlife, culture, languages and cuisine. Even local travel could teach you new things.

Read the right books

Reading is possibly the best way to build your knowledge. Unfortunately, many people find reading to be tedious - however this often comes down to not choosing the right books. When it comes to non-fiction, there are many humorous books that can delve into subjects in layman’s terms. Meanwhile, many fictional books can also teach new things including historical novels and crime novels.

Join a book club

A book club can serve as a social club, while also encouraging you to read and analyze books you might never have picked up on your own. This in turn can help you to expand your knowledge. Look into book clubs in your area and consider joining one. 

Consider audiobooks

If you don’t have the time to physically read books or struggle with reading, there is always the alternative of audiobooks. The beauty of audiobooks is that you can play them in the car or while doing other activities like cooking. This could include audiobooks of novels or non-fiction books.

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